Shauri is a Certificate NaturopathBach Flower TherapistUsui Tibetan Reiki MasterTherapist and Teacher of the Metamorphic Technique. He has also trained in Shiatsu, Reflexology, Auriculotherapy and chromotherapy. Nine years ago, she began his career as a practitioner of Reiki and continued looking for less invasive and more effective for treating people natural therapies. Currently she applies these techniques as a therapist in the field of private practice.

At the same time, in business she has developed features such as Quality Manager and Trainer for over 20 years.

With the addition of these two facets, Shauri brings expertise and experience as a therapist and trainer, while ensuring the quality of programs offered in a modern and dynamic technological environment. 

Shauri has also developed a method of Tarot reading to guide people towards their personal development and spiritual evolution.

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Let's know more about Shauri that tells us some details of her personal experience:

"My track record of work experience and training has a before and an after. I spent 20 years of my life working as an executive in a computer service business but in parallel I was beginning my journey in the world of natural therapies and personal development for the spiritual path.

This curiosity arose in me for family reasons that led me to question whether "modern medicine" was really helping the health of people. Nor understand where the disease arise and this search led me to everything that goes beyond the matter. The subtle energies were already familiar to me from childhood I felt it was something beyond and my dreams always brought me messages that could be applied to everyday life.

In this quest to find techniques for physical and spiritual healing I found Reiki and the Metamorphic Technique. Initially I applied these techniques on myself for a while with very good results. After I got the opportunity to apply them in other people through consultation. Naturopathy gave me a base of knowledge about anatomy, pathology and biodynamic, opening the doors of all the natural resources that we have to live in the healthiest way.

In courses I provide this experience in consultation and guide students in the more practical issues. My business training can not put it aside so I take care of the details and especially the quality of the training we give. It is important to ensure that students gain the knowledge and skills they need in each level.

In recent years I am exploring my most intuitive abilities through the Tarot, taking this ancient tool to support help and guidance in the spiritual path."