Treatment to other people

Each Reiki session is different and we have to learn to adapt to the circumstances. When we are practicing Reiki to others we must take into consideration several things. First, we have to respect the other person and his privacy, and will not get our hands on certain areas of the body unless we have his consent. We must maintain an attitude of total surrender with respect to our patient. Should we make changes with the hands gently and with love, and always keep the contact with the patient if it is possible. We must learn to let ourselves be filled with the sense of peace that comes with Reiki. Trying to be kind, understanding, patient and loving to the other person.

We are not required to do Reiki to anyone who we does not want. If a person gives us bad vibrations and we were not able to dedicate totally to him, it is not necessary to do Reiki. Gently, softly we can explain what we feel and our reasons for not make the session. We can also put him in contact with another person who can give him Reiki.

A very important thing when we do a Reiki session is don't put our intention in what we are doing. Ie we don't need to want to cure the patient. We have to recall that generating power is the cure and not us. Once you put your hands over the patient  the whole process becomes a matter between the Universal Energy and patient. We are only the channel. If doing a session we intend to want to heal, what will happen is that we convey our own vital energy to the patient. How can we know if we are sending Reiki or our own energy? For a very simple test: If after the session you feel tired, sleepy or low power, you've given your own energy during the session. Otherwise, you do Reiki.


The positions of the hands

This is a complete treatment for others, follow these positions and hold each position for 3 to 5 minutes. Let yourself be guided by your intuition and pay close attention to the different sensations that appear, these will give you the key to get a more personalized and effective treatment. This treatment takes about 60 minutes.

Treatment - Front


1. Stand in front of the head of your patient, place your hands slightly cupped over his eyes. With little pressure or even untouched.

8. Place both hands on the waist of the patient (3rd and 2nd Chakra).

2. Put your hands on the sides of the patient's face. You can vary the position by putting them on the ears.

9. Now put your hands in the pubic area (2nd Chakra).

3. Now place your hands behind the head of the receiver. First one hand and then the other by moving his head a little to help the patient.

10. Put your hands on the genitals slightly elevated, ie, untouched (1st Chakra).


4. Put your hands around her neck gently.

11. Put your hands on his knees. You can also do the intermediate step of putting them on the thighs.

5. Put your hands in the chest on the T-shaped (Heart Chakra).

12. A hand on his knee and the other at the ankle.

6. Continúa con una mano en el centro de pecho y la otra en la boca del estómago (3er y 4º Chakras).

13. Both hands on the ankles. You can split the last two positions by placing first hands on the shin and then at the ankles.

7. Both hands on the belly. Go lowering them to cover the entire abdominal area. (3rd Chakra)

14. One hand on the top of the foot and the other on the ground below.

Treatment - Rear

1. Both hands on the neck.
5. Both hands on the sacrum. We can also do both buttocks, while respecting patient privacy.

2. We went down to a little below the shoulder blades.

6. For the legs we used the same strategy when we did front treatment, adapting to the size of the patient.

3. Then the low back. The idea is to cover the back along the lines indicated in the drawing.


7. The ankles and heels.

4. Now we follow the lower back up to the sacrum.


8. To end both hands on the soles of the feet.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.