Reiki demands a change of attitude in our life. Self-treatment is one of the most important parts in Reiki. Before heal others we must learn to heal ourselves. Only a person who has carried out a true clearing of blockages and low frequency energy has the ability to guide another person to do the same. In Reiki, this process is performed for self-treatment.

Once we have been initiated into Reiki, our vibrational frequency changes, is augmented by the powerful energy discharge that initiation is itself. But it is our job to keep that vibration, and not only that, but have to increase gradually. Reiki is not only a system of healing, as we understand the term, but also a tool for personal growth, evolution.

Reiki helps us to look inside ourselves and discover who we really are. It also helps us to discover our purpose in life. The universe is energy vibrating, well, one of our missions in life is to evolve, we are genetically programmed that way. We have to become better people every day and increase our vibration frequency up to the vibration of Love.

This is a small guide to the steps to be followed to make us self-treatment. Ideally, you have to do yours these steps, you can add or subtract whatever you think necessary.  You can try different formulas and that what works better to you. You always have to try to do what you feel, not what others feel .

The positions of the hands

This is a complete self-treatment, follow these positions and hold each position for 3 to 5 minutes. Follow your intuition and pay close attention to the different sensations that appear, these will give you the key to get a more personalized and effective self-treatment. This self-treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes. We can devise simplifications, or do each day three or four positions before going to sleep and continue where we left the next day.


Self-treatment - Front

1. Place hands slightly cupped on the eyes, with very little pressure or untouched. Then places a hand on forehead and one on the top (6th and 7th Chakras).

11. Both hands on the belly (3rd and 2nd Chakra).

2. Put your hands on the cheeks with your thumbs behind the ears.

12. Both hands on the pelvis (2nd Chakra).

3. Now put both hands over your ears.


13. The two hands above the pubic bone. (1st and 2nd Chakra).


4. Put your hands on the back of the skull.


14. Both hands on the genitals (1st chakra).

5. Then lower them further down to cover the neck.


15. One hand on each knee.

6. Around the neck to cover the throat (5th Chakra).


16. A hand on your knee and the other at the ankle.

7.One hand on the throat and the other on the upper chest.


17. Both hands on the ankle.

8. Both hands down to the heart (4th Chakra).


18. One hand on the top of the foot and the other on the ground. Repeat these last steps on each leg.

9. Both hands on the chest.

19. Finishing with both hands on the soles of the feet.

10. Both hands on the bottom of the rib cage (3rd Chakra).


Self-treatment - Rear

1. Hands on head, one on each cerebral hemisphere.

5. Go hands down slowly. We will do the positions necessary to reach the waist.

2. A hand on your neck and the other on the crown. Very powerful position which brightens rapidly throughout the Central Canal.

6. Hands in the back of the hip. Very suitable position for circulatory problems in the legs.

3. Both hands on the trapeze. Position that helps to release the accumulated tension throughout the day.

7. Both hands on the sacrum. It stimulates the second chakra and Kundalini energy.

4.Hands in the middle of the back, starting as high as we can.

8. Hands on the soles of the feet. We encourage rooting to the earth.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.