Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that are intended to change our beliefs, thought patterns, etc.. The way we see ourselves, or the kind of thoughts we have towards other people, situations, etc.. determine the way we live. Through affirmations we can change these aspects of our life in an easy and efficient way. Using Reiki and positive affirmations we can delete a destructive mind-set and enter another constructive. The possibilities are many. Whenever we work with affirmations, we must ensure that they are positive and they are in the present tense. For the unconscious there is no "No". Everything is understood positively, so we have to try to avoid statements like: "I do not smoke." In this case we could use the statement "I am free of snuff."

As we have discussed in other sections of the website , the past and the future are an illusion of the mind, there is only the present. It is therefore important that our statements are in present time to have a greater efficacy. The statements must be repeated at least three times to work. But the more times you repeat them, the better. And if also accompanied them with a creative visualization, the result will be much more effective. Us who practice Reiki can still enhance them further with the use of energy and symbols.

How to work with affirmations is:

  • Identify the problem. First of all, we need to know what we want to change ourselves. The self-observation is very important in the way of personal growth, but we must strive to have a constructive, cheerful and sympathetic observation. At all times we act in accordance with our evolutionary level.

  • Choosing the claim. Once we have identified the problem or issue that we want to change, we will choose an appropriate statement for the type of problem it is. This is a very important part, as we have to be very precise. If I am an angry person and make a statement like " I want to be a kinder person" What I am introducing is that literally, that is, you're asking " want to be " and the result we get is that of wanting to be more friendly, but not to be kinder. In this case we could use a statement like: " I ​​am a kind person." Statements containing the words "I am ... " are very powerful because they make a call to our spiritual side to manifest.

  • Repeat the affirmation. The affirmation can be repeated aloud or internally or we can write it. The more times you do it, it will be better. The most effective way is one that is more regular, ie , it is better to repeat the assertion 5 minutes a day, but do it every day, not repeating the claim once a week and do it for two hours.

Examples of Affirmations

I am free of snuff.

I am safe and secure when I express my feelings.

I eat what my body needs and asks me.

Now I give myself permission to be happy.

Now it is all what exists.

Now I transcend my fears and limitations.

I am calm and relaxed.

I am willing to move with ease.

I am full of love and peace.

I am full of energy and enthusiasm.

I live life with joy.

I let life flow through me.

I 'm comfortable wherever I go.

My home is the universe.

I am always guarded and protected.

I give myself permission to be at peace.

I release the need to criticize others.

I release the need for approval from others.

I am open to the wisdom.

I give myself permission to change.

I take responsibility for my own life. I am free.

Now all I need comes to me.

My income are constantly increasing.

I give myself permission to be prosperous and happy.

I am open and receptive to all points of view.

Everything is fine as it is.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.