Shudan Reiki, Reiki Group

This technique consists of two or more people will apply Reiki to one person at a time. This achieved channeling a large amount of energy to a patient in a short time, greatly enhancing patient healing. As always happens with Reiki, depend on the willingness of the patient the amount of energy it absorbs. Reiki is never invasive and requires no cure anyone. 

Everyone has the right to follow their evolutionary path at the pace he prefers and how he prefers for this reason there are times that we apply Reiki to a person and hands burn us, and there are other times that we apply Reiki and did not notice much else, it even seems that the process is not running. Reiki both individually and in group applications respect the will of the person receiving the treatment.

In the West, technical Shudan Reiki it is often known by the name of Reiki grill. There are people who internally want healing but has some type of disability that do not leaves them to let enough. Fears, resistances, addictions, etc.. can make a patient not fully open to energy healing and does not reach the level that could reach. 

The interesting thing about this technique, in addition that the patient receives a large amount of energy at a time, is that it is much more difficult to resist energy, as there are many hands, many fronts. This prevents the patient "monitor" the situation and thus the patient may experience a complete surrender to the energy and heal at a very deep level. 

It is a wonderful practice that worth do it always we have occasion.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.