Renzoku Reiki, Reiki Marathon

This technique has been widely used in Japan Reiki clinics, especially in Dr. Hayashi's clinic. His practice is very simple, consisting of a therapist takes a conventional treatment to a patient. That is, an entire session using hand positions, the Byosen scanning chakras balancing, etc. This session will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. When the therapist ends, another therapist takes over and makes another full Reiki session, Reiki applying for another hour to the patient. After this, another therapist takes over and makes another full session. And so on.

Like an Olympic marathon, Reiki therapists take turns, passing the baton to each other and thus providing a complete patient healing. Renzoku Reiki can be extended as much as desired, ie, may be involved in the relay many therapists as you want or can. You can even make the sessions while the patient sleeps or eats, etc.. But it should be observing the reactions of the patient, as you may have a cap of Reiki sessions per day or simply tired of receiving so many treatments. 

This technique was used to apply to people with very severe disease states that require application of Reiki more intense and powerful. If the person is seriously ill, generally will be prepared to receive a large marathon Reiki.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.