Mawashi Reiki, Reiki Circle

This technique is performed in a group, or at least a couple, but the more people participating becomes a more powerful circle. More people means more energy. Mawashi Reiki is a very simple technique, all members of the group sit in a circle and hold their hands. Each member of the Reiki circle absorbs through its Central Canal and through their hands directs to the group. Then the energy begins to circulate among participants moving from one hand to another. This causes more and more energy circulating, and purifying its vibration. Circle members may experience a large increase in energy, breakouts, healing at different levels, etc..

In this technique will follow the following steps:

  • Group members form a circle standing or sitting . Each member inwardly observed a moment his breathing steadying the mind.

  • Then team members place their left hand facing the sky and his right hand looking to land. Then shake hands. Then everyone just observe the breath, sensations of hand, etc. . Let the magic of Reiki to manifest.

  • The right hand is the hand that gives the energy and the left hand is the hand that receives. Although both hands can make the function of giving as receiving, for such practices is best to follow this rule. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can only do one-handed Reiki use the right.

The Reiki circle can be integrated both by people who are initiated into Reiki as people who are not. But at least one of them should be initiated. Thus the insider may be introducing Reiki energy in the circle constantly for the duration of practice.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.