Hado Kokyu-Ho, vibrational breathing

This type of breathing has been practiced in Japan since ancient times. It is a very simple exercise, but it brings great benefits. Breathing Hado Kokyu-Ho helps us to release lower vibrational energy that we have inside us, raises our level of internal energy, soothes and relaxes deeply, produces cleaning and harmonization of the chakras and enhances metabolism.

To perform this breathing-meditation do the following:

  • Put yourself in your usual meditation position with your back straight. Place your hands on your legs looking up and relaxe the whole body.
  • Notes breath for a moment in silence to calm the mind.
  • Then, inspire, feel your lung capacity and air out pronounce the sound "Haaa" lengthening as you can. With practice you'll get more time lengthen the sound.

Throughout breathing ie inhale and as you exhale while making the sound "Haaa" pays full attention to the breath and sound, if you lose, again gently pay attention to sound. Repeat this breathing as often as you see fit.

If you're new to the world of meditation, you can find this type of meditation very rewarding to keep you busy as generating a sound it is easier to stop thinking about other things. Thus, without much effort can be learning to focus our attention on one point, in this case a sound, to interrupt and the incessant stream of thoughts that we usually have in our head.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.