Gassho Meditation

This meditation is one of the most important in the Traditional Japanese Reiki practice. It was one of the preferred practices of Usui who saids that this meditation was absolutely essential to prepare the house (body and mind) for the arrival of the tenant (energy, unconditional love). Gassho in Japanese means "two hands together, united or in prayer".

To perform this meditation follow the steps outlined below:

  • Put yourself in your usual meditation position, you can get in the lotus position or just sitting in a chair, always with the back straight. Relax, let go of all your worries, loosen the body and mind.

  • Place your hands in prayer position in front of the Heart Chakra, put them so it is a little gap between your hands. This position of the hands it is called Gassho by the Japanese. They made it sitting down with the buttocks above the feet, this meditation position is called Seiza.

  • Breathe quietly and pay attention to the tips of the middle fingers, feeling the contact between the two fingers.

  • Stay in this position, breathing slowly and evenly, taking your attention to the fingertips. Stay in this position as long as you are comfortable .

  • When thoughts appear , you have to realize that you are thinking, without this realizing is a thought, and then gently return the attention to the contact between the middle fingers .

This is the traditional meditation Gassho, but there are other ways to do it. They all have the same basis: we sit in meditation position and put our hands together in Gassho .


For this variant simply put yourself in Gassho position and instead of watching the hands, give your full attention to the breath. Place your hands on Gassho is good to close an energy circuit, connecting the different meridians that end up in the hands and lower chakras through which channel the energy. Only sit quietly and breathe in this position we will be much better. More quiet, guarded, protected and in contact with the energy of our heart. 

Note: It is advisable to practice Gassho meditation daily. It is also highly recommended this meditation before beginning a Reiki treatment as active energy in us greatly improving our ability to channel. It is said that 15 minutes of meditation Gassho well made ​​equivalent to a full self-treatment.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.