Connecting with Reiki Energy

This is a method to connect to the Universal Energy that is used in systems of Traditional Japanese Reiki. Recommended for use every day, or at least before you start giving a Reiki treatment or making initiations. When you more do it you will notice how you really connect with the energy and it will flow more easily through you.

The steps are:

  • Gassho Meditation. Put your hands in prayer position and observe the breath for a moment, relax , forget about your worries and become aware of the present moment. Ask yourself: Do I have a problem now? Breathe.

  • Connecting Heaven and Earth. From the Middle Tantien or the Heart Chakra connect with the Earth and Heaven.

  • Summon Energy. Upload your hands above your head with your palms facing the sky. Mentally pronounce a sentence like: "I ​​connect with the Reiki energy" or "I connect with the Universal Energy" or "I connect with the Energy of Love" .

  • The arrival of Energy. Now imagine as the energy of the universe lows to you, it penetrates you and reaches the Crown Chakra to Heart Chakra. From there it spreads throughout your being, filling with light all your physical, energetic and auric body. Until we feel full of light. This step can take as much as you do light absorption combining with breathing, and sending light to all parts of the body one by one.

  • Channeling Energy. From the Heart Chakra we felth how energy headed hands and begins to flow .

  • Give thanks. We return to the Gassho position. We give thanks to energy for allowing us to be his channel. We align with the figure of our guides, personal gods, teachers, etc. . and thank  for them help, guide and protection. Now we are connected and we can start channeling Reiki.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.