Japanese Reiki Techniques

There are two main blocks of Reiki, Western Reiki and Traditional Japanese Reiki. Each has its own characteristics, techniques, meditations, practices, methods of initiation, etc.. In this section of the website you can find the relevant systems or schools of Traditional Japanese Reiki techniques. These techniques were developed by Master Usui and other Japanese masters. 

For several decades in the West have been completely unknown traditional systems and techniques, is from the 90s that we began to get the first news of these systems and in the first decade of this century these systems reached their current popularity.

Each tradicional school may vary, add or extend the set of techniques. In some cases we can find the same technique with different names. Usually the changes or variations are not very significant and each technique retains its essence and function. In this section we provide a summary of the main technical schools as Traditional Japanese Reiki, Gakkai, Reido Reiki, Gendai Reiki, Komyo Reiki Kai and others. 

The Usui Master gave great importance to the use of Reiki as a tool for personal development. For this reason we find the techniques listed below are divided into two groups: techniques to treat others and techniques for personal development. 

Below there is a list of Traditional Japanese Reiki techniques. Click on the name of each technique for an explanation of how it is done.


Techniques to heal oneself


Techniques to heal others

Article written by Miquel Vidal.