Distance Reiki

The possibility of transmitting distance energy is not new. Has been used since antiquity. In the East, where they have been more familiar with the energies and possibilities they have worked hard shipping distance energy. But here in the West also have many examples. For example, in prayer, when we ask the deity who cares or improve a person next to us. Or just when we think of someone and send our love or our hate, because everything is connected and everything arrives. It is not unusual that if a person has a lot of hatred towards each other and are constantly thinking negative thoughts toward that person, the other person will eventually have some sort of discomfort or even an accident. Otherwise, if we send love to someone, he will feel better even though he don't know not why.

In Reiki, we only contemplate the positive version, since Reiki can not be used for evil . The guidelines do not allow it. Through the symbol of the distance, ie , the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, we can send energy to the person we want. The key is to focus our attention and thoughts on the person to whom do the session.

Below I will explain a generic version of this type of session. But up to you to create your own system, trying different ways and finding out what works best for you. You may have some doubts at first, but with practice you'll see that a remote session is simple and effective.

Steps to perform a remote session:

  • Permission. It is necessary that we have the permission of the person that will receive the treatment. Otherwise, we would have karmic consequences for getting us where they do not call us. There are different ways of asking. The first is obvious, ask the permission directly to the person concerned. The second is to ask permission to your Inner Being through visualization. To do this, close your eyes and think of the other person, trying to imagine him and feel as he was with you. When you feel well, you will ask if he wants us to do Reiki. The answer does not have to come with words, may say Yes or No, or we notice something to tell us yes or no, or may be the we saw that the person leaves, etc. . If you 're not sure of the answer, you can provide the energy to his Inner Being, as it has the ability to accept or not. Many times I say the following: "I offer this energy to Inner Being of (name of person) if he does not accept that the energy, it will be directed to Mother Earth ." Also, if you start sending the energy and you note that this is not going smoothly or that the other person gets some kind of resistance to receiving energy, interrupt the session. We must be clear that if someone does not want to receive Reiki is his right and we can not violate this right.

  • The technique. There are different techniques for Distance Reiki. I will explain a few, but you can invent one, keep trying and experimenting as much as you want.

  • Substitute Technique. This technique involves using a doll, a pillow or anything you can think of, even to ourselves, and give Reiki normally projecting Reiki to the receiving person through the pad or object chosen. That is, always being aware of who we are sending energy.

  • Thighs Technical. Another technique is to use our thighs. We can imagine that our right thigh is the front of the other person and the left is the back, and give him Reiki as normal.

  • Technique of photography. This technique is to give Reiki to another person by means of a photo. We can have the photo in our hands and insert symbols in it, or draw it in the back of the photo along with the name of the person. After this, you can do Reiki to the photo.

  • Send energy. Once we have made ​​preparations, we have chosen the technique and have asked permission, we can begin the Reiki session. To do so, we draw first a Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, we can visualize it or draw it in the air three times repeating his mantra to activate it. From this moment begins the session and we start sending energy.

  • Completion. To end the session, we can send a Cho-Ku-Rei to the person and add a statement like this: "With the Cho-Ku-Rei I finish distance Reiki session finished with (name of person)." Finally we can say goodbye to the person sending him a smile and wishing him well on his way.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.