Balancing Chakras

A Chakra Balancing is a technique that gets harmonize and balance the various chakras of the human being through the use of energy. As you know, these seven points are very important and are in charge of different functions essential for humans. To have a full and healthy physical, mental and emotional life, it is necessary that our chakras are in balance and harmony. 

Originally this technique was not of the Reiki system, as in the systems of Traditional Japanese Reiki does not appear. It is in the Western systems, like Tibetan Usui Reiki, where we find this kind of work with the Chakras. This formula is closer to healing systems such as Ayurveda that works specifically with the Chakras and their relationships. 

As they Reiki is a system of energy healing and the chakras are energy bodies, using Reiki to treat the Chakras is very suitable and very effective. As is the case with a conventional session Reiki, Chakra Balancing can be applied both to others and ourselves.

Photography by Thierry Ehrmann with Creative Commons license.

Normally, the practice of Reiki is a safe practice, we can never go wrong. It is possible that an experienced therapist make more effective treatments that an inexperienced therapist, but Reiki never produces an adverse effect. In the Balancing Chakras Technique this standard can not be met at all, for this reason we should learn how it is done very well and follow faithfully the guidelines of this Technique.

To understand how a Chakra Balancing works, we must distinguish between doing Reiki to chakras and balancing the chakras. When we make a Chakra Balancing we are not only doing Reiki into the Chakra, we are also connecting and balancing the chakras, relating them, causing influences and taking the same safety characteristics of a chakra to bring it to another chakra. 

This technique is very powerful, but it must be done carefully. Because we establish relations between the chakras, it should have a good understanding of what we are doing. This requires having learned this technique correctly and have some experience applying it. If it is not performed correctly this technique can cause a problem to the patient because it is possible that instead of balancing, unbalancing. 

In short, a Chakra Balancing can be a very powerful and effective technique, able to heal many aspects of a person if it is applied correctly following established procedures.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.