What are the Symbols of Reiki?

Since its starts, working with Reiki has been linked to the use of symbols. Symbols are tools that help us to manage and enhance the universal energy that we channel. You don't need to use symbols to do Reiki, but their use can help boost Universal Energy and direct it to the type of healing that our patient's needs.

A symbol is itself an entity that has its own specific characteristics and vibration. Upon receiving a Reiki initiation, Reiki Master introduces symbols in our aura connecting us with the essence of the symbol. Since then, every time we use a symbol it will send its properties and virtues through us using energy. 

If a person has not been iniciated in a symbol and used it, this use may remove 1 percent of capacity the symbol itself. If the symbols is used for a person who has been initiated the proportion may rise to 70 percent. And if you use the symbol a person who has been initiated and has also worked with the symbol with meditations, etc.. he will reach maximum performance. 

Reiki symbols do not work until a Reiki master enter them to us through the initiation of Reiki.

It is important that we note what changes when we draw a symbol. In Reiki is always necessary that we be very alert to the sensations, as they often will give us the key symbol that tells us what we should use . It may be the case that at first did not notice the difference between using or not using a symbol. Remember it is not a toy, and even if you do not notice, the person receiving the treatment itself will notice its effects. So better be careful and not put symbols meaningless. If you have trouble feeling the symbols, you can do all kinds of tests yourself, do meditations focused on a symbol, etc.. But be careful because, they work!

Although the symbols are very useful tools, it may be the case that in a Reiki treatment we don't feel the need to use any symbol. That we have been initiated into a symbol does not mean that we are obligated to use it. It is perfectly valid to do treatments without using any symbol. As we practice and increase our sensitivity, working with symbols will be more intimate and will increasingly use best the symbols.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.