Symbols and Colors

There are several ways to use the symbols and combine with other disciplines. One is the combination of symbols and colors. Depending on the situation we can choose to use a symbol or another, but we can also choose to color or another symbol. This application will influence the energy we channel. It must be said that this method comes from Western Reiki systems in the Japanese not working with colors.

In the early start working with symbols, it is good that at first we focus more on doing good strokes and activate the command correctly, and we give less importance to colors. Gradually as we gain practice with visualization, introduce the colors. Preferably use the colors indicated in each symbol. But there are other ways to give them color.


Principles of chromotherapy

If we have some knowledge of chromotherapy, we can apply the principles you have learned to the Reiki symbols. Also, for example, if we know the colors of the chakras, we can apply the command using the color of the chakra and energy resonate more strongly with the vibration of this chakra. This is a small relationship between colors and some of their applications:

Red: stimulates blood circulation. It also stimulates the spirit.

Orange: combat fatigue. Improving the level of optimism.

Yellow: energy is a color that improves muscle tone and mind.

Green is a color tranquilizer, sedative, ideal for insomnia and nerves..

Blue: color is refreshing, antiseptic properties. Provides peace and tranquility.

Violet: Used to combat states of anxiety or fear.

Magenta: increases blood pressure and combat the states of sadness.

Another way to work with colors and symbols is letting itself acquires the color symbol.When do remote viewing sessions, you will notice that the symbols can change color and, after plotting them, can address a particular part of the patient. Visualize the energy also can acquire different shades of color. I advise you to let your guides do this part, because if you have a good knowledge of the applications and effects of each color can negatively affect the patient. If you want to deepen the colors and their uses, I recommend you do some course of Chromotherapy.

Cho-Ku-Rei: preferred color is gold, so we can visualize in pink for emotional healing.

Sei-He-Ki: visualize preferably in pastel pink and light colors.

Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen: white and violet are the most appropriate colors. Also the blue to work with the fifth chakra.


Dai-Koo-Myo: white and violet are also the most suitable for this symbol.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.