The Sei-He-Ki is the mental-emotional symbol. Its mission is to send or direct energy to the aura´s emotional and mental layers and to the chakras that regulate mental-emotional functions as well as the mind. More specifically, it acts on the emotional body and the unconscious mind. Its name means "Everything that is up is down", "Man and God are One" and "The earth and sky join." It is also the symbol of purification, the symbol of balance between opposing forces and the symbol of harmony.


This symbol acts especially on the upper four chakras, aligning them with the energy of the highest vibration of love and promoting harmonization. It works by aligning the two cerebral hemispheres. Our brain is divided into two hemispheres. The right hemisphere regulates the intuition, imagination, dreams, feelings, etc. The left hemisphere regulates rationality as well as logical and deductive reasoning. The Sei-He-Ki will balance these two hemispheres, since it is neither good to live in an imaginary world nor in a purely rational world. All existence is based on the game or dance of opposites, balance and harmony in life depend on whether these forces are even.

People, because of unconsciousness of the world, we do not process normally our emotions. When we deny life, what happens or our own emotions, we are promoting their trapping in our energy system. Do you have thoughts towards a person or situation that you repeat often in your mind? Do you get nervous when you have to catch a train or when facing a particular situation?

These are all mental-emotional patterns that have been installed in your energy field. When we apply Sei-He-Ki to a person, we are helping that person to become aware of her repressed emotions and mental-emotional patterns that can be with her since long ago. And when we become aware of why we get nervous when we have to catch a train, this nervousness disappears. Consciousness is the most powerful weapon of all. It is the light that banishes the darkness.

Physical pain is the latest manifestation of a mental, emotional or spiritual problem. That has to put us in alert when we have a patient with any physical problem. Because on applying Sei-He-Ki, we can release emotions or mental patterns that have caused this problem. So we do not have to wonder if the person cries even though she came for a pain in her neck and ends telling us she hates her circumstances but she does not dare to express it. 

Remember that Reiki symbols do not work until a Reiki master enter them to us through the initiation of Reiki.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.