Non-Therapeutic uses of Reiki Symbols

Here you will find many applications of Reiki symbols, especially aimed at the second level symbols: Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-He-Ki and Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen. Although the same technique can be applied to other symbols of Usui Reiki system, or even other systems.

Purify Food and Medicines

Start drawing a Cho-Ku-Rei on the food or drug, thus will heighten its positive qualities. Then chart a Sei-He-Ki purifying thus will diminish or eliminate the negative qualities of the medicines or food. Finally, we will draw another Cho-Ku-Rei to enhance the Sei-He-Ki. We will put our hands over the food or medicine briefly channeling energy. From here it comes the originally blessing of food, but over time it has lost its real value.


Cleaning houses and spaces

To clean a room or a place, we will folow the next method. Chart a Cho-Ku-Rei on every wall, ceiling and floor. In this way we will be protecting the place of negative energies. Next, draw a big Sei-He-Ki in the middle of the room, to purify the place, followed by otherCho-ku-Rei to enhance the Sei-He-Ki. At home, we can use this technique with special emphasis on the corners, gutters, chimneys, windows, doors, etc. . Once you have drawn the symbols, fill the room with light focusing your hands through the different areas, first fill the room with violet light, later with white light and finally with golden. Thus we are cleaning, loading with energy and creating a protection for the room. If you go into a room that you feel is very energetically charged , negatively, it is recommended that before you make the cleaning, protect yourself using Cho-Ku-Rei or taking over a black tourmaline.


Presence of non-incarnate beings

If you ever feel the presence of one of these beings, the first thing you have to do is not be afraid. Since that is a non-embodied being does not make it more powerful than you. On the contrary, as we are incarnated, we have preference in the world of matter before him. If we are in this situation, we will connect with the Reiki energy and we will be filled with light. Ask help to your guides and project one Cho-Ku-Rei and Sei-He-Ki to where you feel the presence. Focus your hands to there and imagine that the being fills with light. Then tell it to go into the Light, that there they are waiting for him. Remember that this being is no more than a brother that has been lost on the way after death. And doing this, you are helping him to find its way. Do not be afraid and do it with love. Remember that fear is the opposite of love, and while love is with you, you have nothing to fear.


We can use Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen to enter on a state of deep relaxation. We will draw a very large symbols before us and we imagine we merge with it. Then we will figure a tube of light that comes down from heaven and enters us through the Crown Chakra and headed to the Base Chakra, and reached to the center of the Earth. Then visualize as Universal Energy lows through this tube and fills us with light. We can extend this part, dividing the body into parts, ie first fill the head, then the neck, arms, etc.. Then begin the meditation with any of the techniques you use.


We can also do Reiki to plants to benefit them in their development. As living beings and energy that they are, they are also sensitive to the Universal Energy. We can give Reiki to seed, to a container where the plant is well to reach the roots, the trunk, the leaves or their aura. To enhance power transmission you can use the Cho-Ku-Rei.



Also we can make Reiki to the animals. Mainly we can use the Cho-Ku-Rei to treat them. But as they can also have traumas, especially animals living with humans, you can insert the Sei-He-Ki. And in the case of dangerous animals, which is not prudent to approach, we can use the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen to send them distance Reiki.



The machines are also energy, and therefore, are also sensitive to the Reiki energy. We can use the Cho-Ku-Rei to empower or to protect us from their vibrations, and Sei-He-Ki to purify. Followed a few minutes channeling Reiki to give them energy. If you notice any strange vibration you can do Reiki unplugged from the socket.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.