Meditations with Symbols

In this section you will find some meditations that you might find useful in your way. Meditation is a very important part in personal growth and also in Reiki. If we want to become good therapists, we need to reach to make the Reiki session in meditation. That is, without our mind influences distract us or any of his schemes. I hope the following meditations take you on track and help you to have a better level of connection with Energy.

Connecting Heaven and Earth

Start doing some deep breaths and relaxing. Will loosen all the muscles and let go offf the tension. Turn our attention to Tantien or Heart Chakra, and will remain for a while, feeling the energy point we have chosen. We'll let the breath go back slowly and evenly. Then visualize that from the sky lows a light tube and reaches us. This tube passes us by entering the Crown Chakra and out the Base Chakra. This tube interconnects all our energy system. We will continue to focus on the Heart Chakra or Tantien briefly. Then visualize as the tube continues to fall and penetrates the Earth until it reaches its core. Remain so for a moment, feeling the sky-earth connection and breathing softly .

Once the sky-earth connection we can imagine how we absorb energy from heaven and earth to the Tantien or Heart Chakra. Visualize as it gradually fills our being of light and how that light goes through our skin and also fills our Aura. We can use this moment to create us a protective cover.

This meditation is ideal to make every morning. So start the day connecting us to heaven and earth and filling us with light. So, we started the day full of energy and protected, which will help us deal better with all that we can pass. It is also advisable to do prior to treatment.


Meditation with symbols

Practicing meditation with symbols is essential to feel better the symbols, to incorporate them into our energy system and in order to have the best possible connection to the energy. There are many ways to do meditation with symbols. I hope the meditation that follows will serve as an example of how to work with symbols in meditation.

Start by doing some deep breaths and relaxing. Try to loose the muscles and let go of tension. Observe breathing for a few minutes and let that this brings you slowly to meditation. Once you have reached a good state of relaxation, visualize a symbol in front of you and mentally repeat his name three times. Stay for a while and try to feel the energy of the symbol. What this symbols transmits to you? Do you feel comfortable with it? What color do you see? Then imagine how this symbol is placed above your Crown Chakra. View your Chakras and the Central Canal connecting the Chakras. Now the symbol begins to divide into an army of symbols that begin to come into your energy system through your Central Canal and Crown Chakra. Let this army symbol fills up your whole body. Imagine how the symbols are penetrating every organ and every tissue, and how they heal and harmonize everything in their path. When you've done the whole body stop for a moment and just observe. Now put your hands looking at the sky and imagine that you hold in each hand a symbol. By inspiring, you absorb energy through your Central Canal to the Heart Chakra and by breathe this energy is directed to the hands and symbols. The symbols are powered and radiating glow more strongly increasing their energy and their properties to you. Stay as long as you are comfortable doing this game. When you finish thanks to the energy and symbol . Try to invent your own meditations and assiduously practice meditation with symbols.

Meditating with Dai-Koo-Myo

The most important work we can do, once they have been initiated into the third level of Reiki, is working with the Dai-Koo-Myo. This symbol will help us enormously in our way, attracting people and situations to us with anything that we need to heal, raising our frequency and vibration helping us connect with the Love and Peace of Mind. The more regularly you work with this symbol, the better. We could say that you can work with this symbol in two ways: through autoreiki using the Dai-Koo-Myo or, using the Dai-Koo-Myo in meditation. The following are some examples of how to do a meditation with the Dai-Koo-Myo, but can be applied to any symbol, practice and let your inner wisdom flourish.


Silent communication with the Dai-Koo-Myo

To perform this meditation, begins to relax and put yourself in your usual meditation position. Make a few seconds of breathing conscious, ie watch your breath and let your mind go quietening. When you have entered in a state of relaxation and inner calm, draw in front of you, with your hand or mentally, a great Dai-Koo-Myo and repeated his name three times. Let the Dai-Koo-Myo begins to radiate its energy towards you, feel its presence in front of you. Once you have established a first contact with the symbol, creates an energy tube that goes from your Heart Chakra to the symbol. Nowinspire and imagine as you absorve energy of the Dai​-Koo-Myo, then exhale and imagine as when you exhale you send energy to Dai-Koo-Myo. Keep doing this game as long as you see fit. As you 're inspiring and absorbing energy, imagine that your Heart Chakra fills with light and this light is spreading all over the body, the energy system, the aura, etc. That is, until you become fully bright and every fiber and every molecule in your body vibrate with the energy of Dai-Koo-Myo.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.