The Cho-Ku-Rei is the symbol of energy; it is known as "the switch" because it opens the way to the energy flow. Its mission is to multiply the amount of energy we channel. In this way, when we draw a Cho-Ku-Rei, we happen to transmit a lot more energy than before. It is also the symbol of protection, the symbol of empowerment and anti energy-leak symbol. Its name means "the power is here", "I call the divine energy here and now", "energy is here", "come energy" and "deposit energy here." When we draw the Cho-Ku-Rei, what we do is to send energy to the physical plane, that is to say, to the physical body of the patient.


This symbol acts especially on the first three chakras, activating and promoting their harmonization. When dealing with Chakras, we can imagine the Cho-Ku-Rei with the color of each Chakra. Its color is preferably gold since this is the color of protection.

It is a symbol that we should use at the beginning and end of each session. At first, we can draw a Cho-Ku-Rei in each hand, to boost the energy we channel. We can also draw a giant Cho-Ku-Rei on the patient. Or draw a Cho-Ku-Rei in the patient's Crown Chakra and imagine as it enters the Central Canal, enhancing in this way the session. Once we have finished the session, draw a very big Cho-Ku-Rei over the patient. Thus, we will be concentrating the energy we have channeled on the patient and preventing its dissipation or any kind of energy escape.

The Cho-Ku-Rei can be drawn in both directions, making the spiral clockwise or anticlockwise. As it is discussed below, the change in the meaning of the symbol gives it different properties, so it must be carefully as we trace and in what situations. The energy is intelligent and can correct our mistakes, but working correctly Reiki energy will be much more effective.

The Cho-Ku-Rei drawn anticlockwise disperses and dissipates energy. It is ideal to apply in areas or places where there is an excess of energy.

The Cho-Ku-Rei drawn clockwise concentrates the energy where you draw it. It is ideal to apply in areas where we notice an energy deficit. It can also be used during a session with a person who lacks energy.

Remember that Reiki symbols do not work until a Reiki master enter them to us through the initiation of Reiki.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.