The figure of the Master

Today it is difficult to find true masters. Most people who call themselves "Reiki Masters" are just people who have done the four levels and have paid the money it costs each of the courses, and hopefully have practiced what they learned in these courses. This is the only guarantee we have today of the title "Reiki Master". As you can imagine, all this is not enough to achieve true mastery. You need years of practice, both self cultivating the spirit, like practicing with others in a therapeutic or educational level.

Essentially Reiki has twofold: Reiki as a way of growth and Reiki as a Healing path. Of course the two are closely related. The Sensei Mikao Usui was of the first side, he used and taught Reiki as a growth path to reach enlightenment or Satori. When he found a sick on his way, he put his hands awhile where it hurt, the person healed and Usui went on his way. The group of teachers created by Usui, Gakkai, works mostly meditation combined with Reiki, recitation of the principles and tuned between them.

Hayashi was probably the Master who dressed Reiki as a healing technique. He was the first to start a Reiki clinic, the first to put people on stretchers, or the equivalent of the time, and in developing the hand positions that we know today. In his clinic treated a large number of people and it was endowed with a great experience as a healer, which led him to direct Reiki in that direction. Recall that Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the West, learned the system directly from Hayashi . So, here in the West, in the first place, focused Reiki as a healing system. When we had access to the Traditional Japanese Reiki system , which was more or less from the year 1999 we began to see other Reiki techniques not focused on the therapeutic healing but focused on personal growth, evolutionary development.

With this I mean that within us we can find a healer, a teacher, or a little of both. Maybe just a curious person who enjoys contacting Universal Energy. Therefore, we need to know where is our, place that is what we are good at doing and what not. And once we have learned not to waste time on that for which we have no real skills, but to devote our energy to develop on what we are good, what we like and probably what will make us happy.

Today, in some parts of Reiki, there is a kind of obsession with titles and lineage. If I have made with those teacher or with the Japanese master. If my lineage is more direct and pure, if I pass the good lines, etc. . It also happens with the different systems, if you have not taken courses in different systems seem to have no idea and do not be one. Obviously, to be formed with different teachers is very good, helps us to have different views. Also, to have the chance to do a course with a renowned Japanese master has to be a very enriching experience. Meet other systems of Reiki can help us to find other ways to use Reiki, other symbols , techniques, etc. . But all this can be bought with money.

It is much easier to pay money to take courses that lead a life dedicated to the practice. Find inner balance truly, with all that this entails, as it is not easy. Many times we are afraid because doing its means going into the unknown, face our fears, look where we would not normally look. To work our karma and leave the person we thought we were, to finally discover our true nature. Think a little bit about this.

In the East they have a saying : "The teacher and the taught do the teaching together". In Reiki this is absolutely true, and you learn so much as giving a course to receive it. For a course to take life has to be a power transmission in both directions. If the teacher only talks and talks do not creates a space for the wisdom of their students to surface. And so the course does not have the quality nor could have the transformer degree may have a Reiki course. For both the student and the teacher.

Being a Reiki Master does not mean being better than anyone , it is very common that this title go to our head. Deep down we are all beings of light having a wonderful experience in the material world, and that one day, we will return to the Source from which we came. When you find your true essence, these words are no longer a belief and become an experience, and you begin to be able to feel the life that animates all, and not only within you but also into the others. And one day you will be surprised feeling the serene presence of a tree or a mountain. You discover the world that spreads out beyond the matter and form.

Learn to be a master of Silence, Humility, Unconditional Love and Inner Peace, then yes, you can be called Master.

"To the goddess of learning has things to learn. We need to do an honest search for knowledge. Great scientists are not great, even great doctors are not great, the resurrected are also not great, one who knows his true self and nature is the greatest. "

Brahmanand Swamigal

Article written by Miquel Vidal.