Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki is a system of Reiki derivative of Usui Tibetan Reiki, Raku Kai Reiki and Reiki Johre. It is therefore a system relying on Western Reiki Takata teachings. This system was developed by William L. Rand in collaboration with other Reiki masters, which they say, inspired by Sai Baba, received a series of symbols that they put together to create and register the Karuna Reiki ® system. It has a system of initiations very similar to Usui Tibetan Reiki with some variations.

As its creators say, Karuna Reiki has a different energy from Usui Reiki , more intense, direct and powerful. Certainly it is normal for this system it gives us a different sense that the Usui Reiki, as we are working with other symbols, vibration energy changes. Recall that invoking a symbol provoke that energy we channel is in tune with the vibration of that symbol, and therefore, the virtues and functions of this symbol are manifested by energy.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning "compassion", we can also find meanings as "action undertaken to reduce the suffering of others" or as "compassionate action". Many times we confuse punishment with compassion. The shame is a negative feeling and has nothing high, its deep base is fear. Through shame we can be manipulated very easily. Instead, compassion requires a high degree of evolutionary level. Compassion is born of a true union with the whole, in which one feels that everything is interconnected and we are all part of the same macro body.

Karuna Reiki focuses on working with Mara, what we might call the "dark side". Within us there is some good and some bad, as it somehow. Basically, the bad part is illusory, but until we truly realize this, the bad part can seize us and cause much suffering, both to ourselves and others. This system of Reiki places special emphasis on working to dissolve this "dark side", and to develop true compassion for others.

To practice Karuna Reiki, you need to have done at least the second level of Reiki. But its developer, William L. Rand, recommends having made up the third level and have practiced with the Dai -Koo -Myo Usui to absorb its vibration. This system usually consists of several levels according to school: Karuna Practitioner (Level I and II ) and Karuna Master (often composed of two levels). Among the different levels of the system all symbols are explained and we received all them through initiations.

Karuna Reiki session is basically performing the hand positions we learn in the Usui Reiki and at each position apply all symbols of Karuna. To expedite this process there is the method of brackets.

Reiki Karuna Symbols

These are some of the symbols that we can find in Karuna Reiki systems. Currently there are different symbols based on Karuna Reiki systems, some of them are: Karuna Reiki ®, Tera Mai Reiki ®, Karuna Ki, Taokan Karuna Reiki, etc.. Most of these systems have the 12 basic symbols of Karuna. Other systems such as Reiki Tera Mai ® or Reiki Karuna Prarkiti ® have a much larger system symbols. Karuna Prakriti contains eg 24 symbols. 

Thus we see that Karuna systems are mainly characterized by their hard work with symbols. They are very interesting systems and working with these symbols is very powerful, especially oriented therapy.







Other symbols that we can find belonging to Karuna systems are: ShantiOm, Dumo, Johre, Hosanna, Motor-Zanon, Ganesh, Gnosa, Swastica, Ved Ganga, Tummo, Fire Snake, Fire Dragon, RakuMoses, Nanak, Shree Vishnu, Shivoham o Hor.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.