Reiki has no negative side effects. But because of his power we must consider three cases in which the application of Reiki would not be highly recommended or should take into consideration some things:

  • During a surgery, as Reiki may decrease the effects of anesthesia, causing it to disappear more rapidly from the patient. It is advisable, however, to apply Reiki before and after surgery.

  • In the case of a broken bone. In this case we have to wait for a doctor set the bone in its right place and plaster, because if we apply Reiki before placing well, the bone could start welded in a position that is not correct. Remember that Reiki works by accelerating the healing process. Once the bone is well placed and plastered, there is no problem in applying Reiki.

  • Also in cases of amputations would have a similar situation. We should wait for a medical re-sew of the body member before doing Reiki to the patient. Otherwise, the wound could close quickly start making impossible the reintegration of the member.

Apart from these three cases there is another side effect, which some people might consider negative. Reiki can do to look to that place that usually we does not want to look. For example, if you have a lot of pent-up rage, it may be that after receiving Reiki therapy I spend a week angry without knowing why. Or I feel sad for no reason. You need to clean all these emotions to heal. If you want to dig deeper into the effects that can cause a session or a course of Reiki you can visit our section Healing Crisis.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.