What is Energy?

The universe and everything around us is composed of energy, elementary particles that make up the atoms and are in constant motion. This movement is called vibration or oscillation. Although it costs us believe, a table, the air or we ourselves are vibrating energy. If the materia is denser, the vibration energy is slower and if the materia is more subtle the vibration of energy will be faster.

When we say that everything is energy, so literally, that is, even thoughts and emotions are energy, and depending on the quality of these we will have a kind of vibration or another. That is, the thoughts and negative emotions like envy, hatred and fear have lower vibrational energy. And conversely, thoughts and positive emotions such as joy and love are high vibrational energies. In fact, Love is the energy of the vibration frequency is the highest ever.

The Universe and everything that exists is made up of energy. At the bottom there is only one power that we call love. Everything else are variations of such energy, including changes to its opposite is called FEAR, but even so, variations.

Basically we can define two types of energy: Vital Energy and Universal Energy.


The Universal Energy

Is the energy of the universe, present everywhere and accessible to all beings of creation. This energy is an infinite cloak that all beings are nurtured and fed. In its purest form is light, crystal energy, but it can change his energy vibration and become dense or negative. We have to recall that the two sides of the coin define the coin. The two opposites form a whole. Although in general when we speak of universal energy we mean the high vibrational energy present in the Universe and from wich all of us nurture when we take breath.


The Vital Energy

It is our own internal energy. Universal Energy Absorbing breathing or food, an energy transformation process by which we capture energy adapted to our own internal energy. Each of us vibrates at a different energy level and our internal energy has to be consistent with that level. Our chakras capture this energy and do this transformation function. Our internal energy flows through our energy system through channels called meridians in Chinese medicine. This energy is known since ancient times and in different cultures. For example, in China was called chi, ki in Japan, prana in India, etc.



Energy Types


Universal Energy Manifestations

The Chi or Ki is the Creator's Universal Energy present throughout the universe. The Chi comes from the fusion of Yin and Yang forces, these forces are on the move, which makes the Chi is not created or destroyed, but transformed. Thus define the Universal Energy as operator of power present throughout the universe that gives Life and nourishes all that exists.

External energy

The Sky Chi comes from the stars, planets, galaxies and space in general. We absorbed it through the Crown Chakra and is golden. It is a hot energy, expansive and Yang. We can also absorb the energy through the chakras under upturned hands.

The Earth Chi is from our planet Earth. Specifically from its core. We absorbed it through the Base Chakra, the Chakra under the soles of the feet and also by the minor chakras of the hands turned down. This energy is cold, bluish, concentrator and Yin.

Internal Energy

The prenatal Ki. Also called inherited Ki or Jing Ki. Is the original energy we receive from our parents at conception, and thought which we are in this world. This energy contains the information of the hereditary line of our ancestors. Ie, physically we share the characteristics of DNA, at Karma level, we share patterns of behavior .

The postnatal Ki. From food and breathing. For this reason it is important to eat healthy, to breathe clean air and to drink clean water. It is the energy needed to perform our daily activities.

The mental and spiritual Ki. This energy comes from the vibrational ascent of the two previous. It is the energy that gives us an evolutionary impulse and spiritual growth.

Vital Energy Manifestations

The vital energy of every person is formed by a balanced mix of Jing, Qi and Shen. It circulates through our energy system nurturing our physical body, mind and emotions and our spiritual side.

The Jing. This is the more concentrated energy, the more dense and with more low vibration that we have. Includes sexual energy and it is stored in the Lower Tantien. This energy is responsible for our physical growth and for the perpetuation of the species through sex.

The Ki or internal Chi. This is the whole vital Energy, it has a vibration higher than Jing and lowest than Shen. This energy is stored in the Middle Tantien. It is the engine power in our day to day. The internal Ki controls and regulates the Jing.

The Shen. It is mental and spiritual energy. It has a higher vibration than Jing and the internal Ki. It controls the Ki that also controls the Jing. This energy is generated by the alchemical work of transforming the energy, Jing to Ki first, then the Ki to Shen. Also, when we find our inner stillness in meditation we generate Shen. Just as in prayer or other spiritual practices.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.