The Reiki Principles

The Principles of Reiki are a few tips or instructions intended for us to maintain our level of vibration energy. It is not enough that we raise our vibration frequency of initiations, we must work to maintain and increase it.

The following principles are those that have come to the West:

Just for today, I give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today I will have no worries.

Just for today I will not get anger.

Just for today I will perform my work honestly.

Just for today I will have mercy to my neighbor and all living things.

In the large slab which is the mausoleum of Mikao Usui Sensei in Tokyo, there is an inscription in old Japanese of the Five Principles of Reiki or "Gokai." Usui gave a greater emphasis on prevention rather than treatment of disease, which is why he devised the principles of Reiki. Mikao Usui recommended to read or recite a prayer as the Five Principles daily, to thus be able to avoid diseases and energy imbalances.


This is the translation of the Five Principles to our language:

Shoufuku no hihoo

The secret method of inviting happiness

Manbyo no ley-yaku

Natural medicine for all changes of mind and body


The Five Principles:

Kyo dake wa

Just for today


Do not be angry

Shinpai suna

Do not worry

Kansha shite

Expresses its Acknowledgments

Gyo wo hage me

Apply at work

Hito ni shinsetsu ni

Be kind to others


Asa yuu gassho shite kokoro ni nenji, kuchi ni tonaeyo

Morning and evening sit in gassho position and repeat these words out loud and also for your heart

Shin shin kaizen, Usui Reiki Ryoho

Healing body and soul, Usui Reiki Ryoho

Chosso Usui Mikao

The founder Mikao Usui


Another more literary translation, and very beautiful, principles:

The Secret Method of Inviting Blessings

The Spiritual Medicine of Many Diseases

For today only, without anger, without worry.

Do your work with appreciation.

Be kind to all people.

Morning and night, with hands clasped in prayer

Think about this in your mind, chant this with your mouth.

The Usui Reiki method to change your mind and body for the better.

The founder, Mikao Usui.


Explanation of the Principles

This is a small development of each of the principles under my prism. There are many ways to understand these principles and even we ourselves can change the way to see them as we evolve.

  • The first principle, Just for today, I give thanks for my many blessings, talks us about being grateful. Grateful for what we have, what we are and everything we have received. Thank action brings us closer to our divinity and the Source of all. Giving thanks leads to greater relationship with the universe and keep it sending us more. The more you appreciate the more you get.
  • The second principle, Just for today I will have no worries, talks us about the concerns. As you have been fixed, all the principles begin with the phrase "just for today, with special emphasis on the" Here and Now, "Present Moment. When we worry about something we do is lose the present moment. If you look closely, you will notice that only the present exists. Everything you do, you've done, or will, I always do it in the Present. On the contrary, our mind is accustomed to always be ahead of recalling the past or the future. Watch this on you and see that it is. Realize that your mind is rarely in what you do. This principle encourages us to focus on the present, to give our full attention on what we are doing at the moment or what is happening right now. Delve into the present, it remains each day in the here and now.

  • The third principle, just for today, I will not get anger, tells of a very common thing in people, to get angry. When we get angry the following happens: There is a disharmonious energy within us that we have accumulated because of the unconsciousness of the world. Well, when we get angry this energy that lives in us, somehow it possess us, and makes us to say and to do things that normally we later regret. If you notice, and remember once you've annoyed a lot, maybe it will cost you recognize yourself when you were in that state. You can also look to others when they are angry. Watch as they change the face expression, tone of voice, in seconds it becomes like a monster. It is not uncommon, once someone has upset us very much, we thought we do not know that person. This is because when we get angry, the low vibration energy moves to the foreground hiding our true being. And who we are in reality is clouded by this energy. What can we do when we get angry? Well, the next time you get angry, stop for a moment, focus your mind, your attention inward and feel as intensely as you can this power, without thinking about it, simply by looking and feeling. Without judging whether is good or bad. Realize that you are not this power, that you are who is watching. Once you understand this, understand that most people are angry at you and forgive them more easily. You will realize it is nothing personal, just an energy issue. Forgive and understand those who are angry with you, and forgive yourself when you're angry.
  • The fourth principle, Just for today I will perform my duty with honesty, tells us about the work we do in life. Work is something to which we devote much of our time and our energy, so it is very important to the state with which we conduct our work. We have to love what we do and give our full attention. If you do not like what you do, change it, if you can not or will not change it, change your attitude towards what you do. Looking on the bright side of things and be honest with others and yourself.

"'I have many things to do." Yes, but what is the quality of your doing? Driving going to work, talking with customers, work on your computer, run errands, deal with many things that constitute your life ... what point are all in what you do? Is your action a surrender or resistance? This is what determines the success you achieve in life, not the amount of effort you put. The effort involves stress, tension, need to reach a certain point in the future or to get some results. Can you detect in you the faintest shadow of not wanting to do what you're doing? This is a denial of life, and therefore you can not get a truly successful outcome. If you have been able to detect this denial in you, you can also leave and be total in what you do? "

Eckhart Tolle

  • The fifth principle, Just for today I will have mercy to my neighbor and all living things, speaks of respect for life and others. Every living being has the right to develop his life the way they want. Every living being has the capacity to make decisions and freedom to express it. We can not ever deny anyone this right. If we become a channel of love and kindness toward others, everything we give them, will come back to us increased. The universe is like a mirror, if you send it good things, it will send you good things, and if you send it bad things, bad things came back to you. The Universe works grouping Energy grouping, if your actions and your thoughts are negative, your frequency of vibration is low, and the universe will send you things of low vibration. But if on the contrary, you try to improve every day as a person and you increase your vibration, the Universe will send you things of high vibration. Be gentle, you will discover that the people around you also become more helpful and nice to you, and you'll feel better.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.