The Reiki Initiation

Some people define the act of initiation of Reiki as a miracle. As a person who apparently has no ability to heal, becomes a person capable of relieves herself and others of evils. I see this more as a reminder, it reminds us something that deep down we know, and we have always known, but we have forgotten over time and generations. When a Reiki master makes an initiation to a student is not giving or adding anything he not have already. Simply, he is attracting a faculty or a gift that was asleep, he is reviving a subtle energy centers and energy circuits, undoing blockages and restoring harmony to the physical, mental and spiritual. But, above all, the teacher reconnected the student to the Source of Universal Love. This process is known by several names, three of them are: "Initiation", "Alignment Pass" and "attunement".

So, we define initiation as a technique that uses Universal Energy to train a person as a channel for that energy. This technique typically takes a few minutes, and immediately after, the student can practice Reiki. The Reiki system of channeling Universal Energy, which is not unique, is characterized by its simplicity, it is easy to learn, easy to practice and it is easy to transmit. The initiation ceremony is a simple, humble, sincere, full of faith and love. With Reiki we come a little closer to God and we realize that we have never been away.

The initiation of the first level of Reiki acts mainly on the upper chakras and the Heart Chakra, reagents and harmonizing. When we do Reiki, the energy comes to us by the Crown Chakra, down our Third Eye and Throat to the Heart Chakra, once there, the energy is distributed by the arms and ends out through the lower chakras of the hands. A Reiki initiation has the following effects on us:

  • Harmonizes and opens the Heart Chakra raising its vibrational frequency and its high frequency closer to Universal and Unconditional Love.
  • Harmonizes the Throat Chakra, which is a communication center, and sends a message to our Higher that a new phase has begun.
  • Acts on the Third Eye Chakra awakening or increasing the extrasensory powers that we have.
  • Harmonizes the Crown Chakra, which is the chakra where it enters the Universal Energy so that it can enter and flow properly.
  • Finally, the two Chakras less reactive that we have in the palms of the hands from where the energy ends up leaving.

At each level of Reiki, the student receives a separate initiation. Each initiation is more powerful and more and more raises the vibration level of the student. Once we have received the initiation of the first level of Reiki, we were initiated for life and become Reiki Therapists automatically. But all is not as easy as it sounds, Reiki needs to be worked. You have to practice, meditate and assimilate all the information. If we practice more, we will channel more energy,  we will have more sensitivity and we will feel better. I like to see the initiation and courses as a seed. And it's our job to care for this seed, feed and light it up, so that one day it grow up and at the end it became something beautiful.


Miquel doing an initiation to his first Reiki Master Arjuna Lakshmana.

What happens after receiving an initiation?

After receiving an initiation began what is commonly known as the "period of cleansing." During this period, lasting from one week to several months, our being undergoes some changes at different levels. Normally, at first Reiki level, purification affects the physical level. This can manifest itself in different ways: an excess of mucus (similar to a cold), pimples, sores, diarrhea, etc.. If you are in any of these cases, you must understand that your body is releasing toxins and soon this troubles will disappear when the process had been ended. And as a bonus you'll be cleaner and healthier.

In Reiki II, there is a more emotional cleansing and Reiki III and Master there is a more spiritual purification. However, there are times that in first Reiki level can start producing any of these processes. If you're in the middle of an emotional roller coaster, with days when you feel great, with great joy and days when you see everything black and experience a bit of discouragement or depression, do not worry too much, all this is part of purification and it will end sometime. So let the process be and do your job, you'll see when the process will be over you will felt much better mood and emotionally.

These days when the cleaning occurs, which traditionally is said that is 21 days longer, you should try to help your body to clean things up. For example, you can make a ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet, drink lots of water, etc. Try to hear what your body wants and what it rejects. If you eat or drink something and you feel bad, do not ever take it. Some people during this period have been unable to smell certain foods they had eaten all his life. So listen to your body and your wisdom. In a mental-emotional level, try to think positive thoughts, especially those days when the emotional curve is below.

Each person is different and feels the initiation and purification purposes differently. So do not this things happen exactly to you. What you experience will be in relation to your current developmental level and it will be okay.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.