The Central Channel

The Central Channel is an energy channel that connects us with the universe and with all that exists. Every living thing has a Central Channel. From this we can deduce that everything is interconnected, that all created beings are united to God through the Central Channel. This channel come down of the stars and go through our Crown Chakra, through our body uniting all our chakras and energy structure and finally descends to the Base Chakra and reaches the center of the Earth. 

Through this channel is where we receive the Reiki energy and then channel it to ourselves or others. Also, thought this channel we receive energy and information of the universe and the planet Earth and the entire galaxy.

This channel varies in size, it is not always the same. In general, the more developed a person, it is the widest channel. Also, depending on the activity we perform, the channel can be resized, for example, does not have the same width when we do Reiki when we are watching TV.

The Central Channel can also be more or less clean . Through the various experiences we go through in life, both in this and in another embodiment, the Central Channel will brutalizing of lower vibrational energies. As we grow as practitioners of Reiki, this channel cleans and thus we improve our level. Every time we are able to channel more energy and higher.

For this reason and others, a Reiki master usually has more power and effectiveness than a person who has just started . Knowing this, each time we meditate and perform power exercises such as meditation Gassho , we will be cleaning and preparing our Central Canal to be better practitioners of Reiki.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.