The Aura

As we know everything is composed of energy, energy that can be denser or more subtle. Well, the Aura is a part of our being more subtle than the physical body. The Aura is located around our body and acts as a shield, it is our packaging or energy field. Also responsible for interacting with other subtle energies of everything around us. For example, when we touch a person, the Aura comes first and we start sending the first information on that person.



The Aura also can reflect our mood. For example, suppose we go to a meeting, we walk towards the meeting place for a pleasant walk that calms and relaxes us. But when we arrived at the meeting, we find that everyone is nervous and upset, it will not take much time to feel like others. This happens because the auras of the attendees have come into contact with ours and they have conveyed the vibrations of nervousness.

The vibrations of the other auras will affect us until we be able to generate enough presence. Or put another way, until we have increased enough our vibrational frequency, so the lower frequency vibrations do not affect us. Today is quite established the theory that the Aura is composed of seven layers or bodies, and that these layers are closely related to the chakras. The innermost layer has a lower vibration frequency and therefore thicker. And the outermost layer has a higher vibration and therefore, is more subtle. Each layer of the Aura performs functions that are related to its corresponding Chakra. Then I make a brief explanation about the seven layers of the Aura and its functions. However, on a practical level are important only the first three layers.

Exercises to see the Aura

Mainly, what we need to see the aura is a lot of patience. There will be people who see it more easily and others that will costs more, but this is something that with practice you can get. The first thing we learn is to go out of focus with our eyes. Place your hand about 20 inches from your face and stares at the middle finger, then gently, become aware of the large and little fingers. Watch how the vision changes. Go out of focus not means crossing your eyes, is more like relaxing the eye, look at everything together.

The second step is to choose the person, animal or plant to which we want to see the aura. Post it at some distance from us, personally, I look better the auras in a distance. Then we will focus the eyes blurring especially in the area of the head, shoulders, neck and watching the whole area around the outline. With daylight it looks pretty good, with artificial light is better if it is a low light. You can also look in your aura, clasping hands and looking slightly the space between them. Or, you can stretch out on the floor or get back to the sun and blur the look. If you are in the nature you can try to watch the aura of the trees.

Also if you look at the sky blurring the look, you see the Universal Energy. At first you will see how few points of light that does not stop moving and it seems to have no reason. But if you dig deeply, you will gradually will see that everything makes sense and how it flows in perfect harmony. It takes lots of practice with this skill, but also, as you increase your vibration level will be easier. Nor get obsessed with this issue, practice from time to time and let things come out gradually.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.