Reiki Lineage

After receiving an initiation, we become part of a lineage of Reiki masters and practitioners. Or put in another way, we become part of the chain or tree of people before us that have practiced Reiki. Today there are different schools and systems of Reiki. By the lineage we find the lines of teaching our teachers and the system of Reiki that we are transmitting. All lineages of Reiki must start on Usui, otherwise it can not be called Reiki. Usui gave the starting shot of Reiki, but many of the teachers that have happened, have been adding things to their original teachings. To learn more about Reiki systems and their evolution can go to the section: Reiki systems.


The issue of lineage is half important. In ancient times, in the east, the spiritual lineage did have an importance, since not all could be student of a teacher. In general, students had to prove himself to be worthy of the teachings, once he was accepted as a student, he was instructed in the family practice or spiritual school worked since ancient times. Then the lineage did have a true sense. Today, with Reiki and its lineage, the picture is very different. Anyone with money can go to do a course with a reputable teacher and to be part of his lineage. Of course, this does not mean that the new teacher could be an honest person and really live the Reiki as a form of spiritual growth-oriented life and love. Let us not be impressed by the lineage of any person, or titles, etc. Today, In Reiki and any spiritual discipline is more important what the teacher transmits to us, not their lineage. Below you can see the lineage that I convey.

This is an example about Tibetan Usui Reiki system lineage:





This is an example about Komyo Reiki Kai Traditional Japanese Reiki system lineage:


Article written by Miquel Vidal.