Reiki History

Today we know that the version that has come to the West in the history of Reiki, is a version that Hawayo Takata invented or modified of the original. I do not think he did with the intention of distorting history, but rather, with the intention that it could get better in the West. We must remember that when this lady started to teach Reiki just after the Second World War and relations with Japan and the West (especially U.S.) were not very good. We must also take into account the cultural differences between East and West, as in the East are much more knowledgeable about the subtle energies. And this, supposedly, made that Mrs. Takata invent a story that even today, many Reiki teachers are telling  to their students.

I only will add that in the version that has come to the West in the history of Reiki, has been missing Reiki in Japan after the Second World War. New data confirm the existence, even today, of a group of teachers called Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, the organization that the same Mikao Usui created. But despite that Reiki was born in Japan, many Japanese were unaware of its existence for a long time since after World War II, the organization temporarily suspended their activities. At the same time Mrs. Takata in Hawaii works for the release of Reiki in the West.


Mikao Usui



Founder of the Reiki system. Here we see them beside of the Five Principles written in his own handwriting.


Article written by Miquel Vidal.