Healing Crisis

Many patients receive when they their first Reiki session experience some changes in his body which can be annoying. This also happens in Reiki students after receiving an initiation, for people who change their diet or fast or in cases of emotional breakouts. It is usual for a person who does not know the world of Reiki, one day decide to recieve a session to try, and in the days after the session may have a feeling of nausea, including vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, or simply pass a angry weeks. So this person thinks that Reiki has gone wrong and that not only has not been beneficial, but it also has caused a setback in his person. Then I am going to try to explain why these symptoms occur and for what purpose.

What is a Healing Crisis?

A healing crisis is a process that is activated in our being, by which our physical body releases toxins accumulated in our bodies and our mental-emotional body releases emotions or highligth patterns that are harmful to us.

Physical symptoms we experience during a Healing Crisis:

  • Increased sweating. One way for our body to expel toxins through is sweat. During this process we may experience increased sweating, and its odor. If we are in this case we have not to use a deodorant or something to prevent the sweat out naturally.
  • Increased urination. Another way out of toxins is through the urine. Our kidneys regulate the amount of certain elements in blood. Leftovers expel them through the urine. Similarly, in a Healing Crisis expel toxins through the urine. We can notice a change in it, noting: the color, smell, size and opacity of urine. If we are in this case we will let the process run its course.
  • Increased bowel movements. Through faeces, our body also gets rid of toxins. During this process we will undergo a slight increase in the number of bowel movements. And a change in appearance, color, smell and consistency of faeces.
  • Rashes. It can also be the case that appear rashes on our skin, mouth sores and pimples similar to acne. This is another means of escape. If we are in this case, it is better to not use any chemicals and let nature take its course.
  • Vomiting. These are less common but can occur. Is a more aggressive form of eliminating the toxins, I suppose that the body uses this route when he is heavily congested. In that case, do not worry and let it run its course.
  • Cold or flu symptoms. For the removal of toxins from the respiratory system can suffer symptoms similar to a cold or flu. This represents an increase of mucus, sore throat, etc.. In this case the medication for a cold or flu will not serve us. These symptoms stop when the body has completed the process.
  • Headaches. The elimination of toxins from the body can produce a headache. We can relieve the symptoms with paracetamol or with Reiki, but the pain does not disappear entirely until the process is completed.
  • Fever. The body uses fever to burn toxins. This process takes a few days and should not stop unless the fever is very high.
  • Pains of the past. It may be that after receiving a treatment or a Reiki initiation wake up on us some pain from the past that we believed had been healed. That's because it was not fully healed in the past and come back now because they see an opportunity to be healed permanently.


Mental-emotional symptoms that we experience during a Healing Crisis:
  • Anger. Anger builds up in the liver. If we have accumulated a lot of anger that we have not expressed correctly can be revealed to us after receiving Reiki. If we are in this case try to channel that anger into something positive or just punching a bag in any case never download your anger against another person that has nothing to do with it.
  • Sadness. The sadness accumulates in the lungs. If we have accumulated a lot of sadness might we will be sad, this spend a few days. During these days we can use to find out where the sadness comes out and understand that these emotions are part of the healing process.
  • Fear. Fear accumulates in the kidneys. If you have suffered so much fear in the past and you still have fears accumulated in our kidneys is possible that after receiving Reiki it occurs. It is also quite possible that the same Life send us a situation where we will be confronted with some fear. Courage! it's time to get rid of that fear! When you do you will realize that it was easier than you thought and that really we have nothing to fear.
  • Hatred. Hatred builds up in the heart. It may be that during the days of the Healing Crisis we express hatred toward other people or situations. Would be appropriate to find out where that hatred comes. We can remember when we suffered a lack of respect or affection by people close to us, or if we have hurt somebody in some way, etc. It is a good time to settle conflict situations that we have with our loved relatives.
  • Anxiety. The concern or anxiety accumulates in the stomach. During the day throughout the healing process some of these emotions accumulated in the stomach can manifest. Try to find out where they come and if they are useful for us. Worrying is deal before time, living in the here and now helps us not allow ourselves to be dominated by our worries and anxieties.


How is that I am worse if I am healing?

In a process of holistic healing as Reiki, is the healing of body, mind and spirit, it is necessary to clean both physical and mental-emotional. To achieve this there is no way that the elimination of what we have accumulated in our being, whether toxins or repressed emotions, etc.. This removal process may have some symptoms that have not nothing nice, but once the process finish we feel much better, lighter and understand that going through all this has been worthwhile.

Not everyone will have to present these same symptoms. Moreover, these may present a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes they can be so subtle that if we are not careful we do not realize. Symptoms of a Healing Crisis not necesary occur immediately after receiving a treatment or a Reiki initiation, it might manifest in a few days. And as for the duration of symptoms can vary from a few days to several weeks or months, depend on the person and circumstances. If we receive a Reiki treatment, it is important not to leave because of these symptoms, as we will be deprived of getting a thorough cleaning and durable.

In short, if we are in the midst of a healing process and we are having these symptoms, we understand that it is for our good, we will accept them and follow their course. Do not let us obfuscate and make the process and free us from everything that no longer serves us. All these symptoms indicate to us that we are going to health, both physically and mentally and emotionally. If you need some words of support or advice can speak to your teacher or Reiki therapist.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.