What is Tai Chi Chuan?

The Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan is an ancient oriental art, martial origin, consisting of a series of slow, gentle movements combined with breath control. This ancient art helps us to maintain overall health, ie well-being of both body and mind and spirit. The practice of Tai Chi Chuan helps us to live life in a more relaxed mode. Its benefits have been proven to medically for years, and the people who practice it are a living example of the effectiveness of this system.

The Tai Chi Chuan was conceived as a martial art but today most schools use only the medicinal part and the part of inner growth. Yet there are still schools that explore his martial prowess. We could translate Tai Chi Chuan as "Supreme Style Last" or " "Last Great Fist". The true origin of Tai Chi Chuan is still shrouded in mystery, though some real documents that speak of their origin are preserved, they are written in code, because at that time this knowledge was reserved for the few. There are several legends about its origin , one that at the end of Dynasty Sunj lived in the mountains of Wu Dang a manufacturer of elixir called Zhang Sang Fen. This hermit dreamed one night that Taoist divinity Xuan Wu, will reveal him a form of combat thanks to which he killed alone one hundred bandits. Another legend tells us that this same character, Zhang Sang Fen, witnessed a fight between a snake and a crane. This looked like the crane attacked hard and forcefully, while the snake relaxed, gently dodging blows and countered quickly. Witnessing this fight gave him the initial idea from wich the principles of Tai Chi Chuan borns.

Lao Tse

Lao Tse, also known as Lao Zi. One of the main figures of Taoism, which is attributed to the book Tao Te Ching or Book of the Tao. Definitely it is one of the best books ever written on spirituality. His philosophy came to Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Chi Kung.


Although there are many legends about the origin of Tai Chi Chuan, most likely it was not a single man who develops this system. It is more likely that a group of teachers from several generations were developed various systems and forms of Tai Chi. We must keep in mind that Tai Chi has undergone changes from generation to generation. They have been created different schools and styles in which their masters have been perfecting the art over several generations. Tai Chi is not a dead art, and current great masters as Feng Zhi Qiang, which in China is regarded as a national treasure, have contributed their bit in the evolutionary chain of this ancient art.

Learn Tai Chi Chuan means going on a journey of spiritual growth and evolution. This technique affects at our lifestyle, leading us to enjoy every moment, to accept things as they come without raising internal resistance. Tai Chi relieves us of old emotions and mental patterns that are unable to be with us for years. Tai Chi, rather than learn a series of movements and breathing, is a change of perspective, especially for the man of the modern world. A true practitioner of Tai Chi is not one who knows how to make perfect moves watermarks or complicated, but one who learns to live in peace with himself and the world , making a daily practice Taichi as eating or drinking, and letting the spirit of Tai Chi is revealed through it to the world.

If you are already practicing Tai Chi can ask yourself the following questions: Am I happy practicing Tai Chi? Does Tai Chi is a source of stress for me? Do I try to become a great teacher or 'm focused on what happens now? Can I feel my presence while practicing Tai Chi? I humbly believe that questions can help you to find the right path. In my course they serve. In short, the Tai Chi has to serve us in our daily lives, our relationships, our feelings, our thoughts, how we face things, etc. . That's when we can truly call us Tai Chi Chuan practicing.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.