What is Chi Kung?

The Chi Kung or Qigong is an ancient oriental art that is closely related to the Tai Chi Chuan. It differs from it by having no martial applications. Its mission is to strengthen the physical body, unlock it, to increase strength and to prepare for the practice of Tai Chi Chuan. When we have our body more prepared, Tai Chi Chuan flows better and increases its profits. Alongside the Chi Kung also makes a work of release energy meridians, ie, channels that distribute Chi energy by the body, cleanses us from lower vibrational energies and frees our bodies from negative emotions. The Chi Kung works to improve and strengthen our energy structure. With practice it provides improved overall. Traditionally Chi Kung has been used as an adjunct to Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially in the area of ​​prevention.

Chi means Energy and Kung means Work, ie with Chi Kung we do a conscious work with our internal energy and the energy around us. The term Chi Kung also we can find it written like Qigong, they are simply two versions of the same expression. Qigong is written in Mandarin Chinese and Chi Kung is written in Cantonese or pin-yin.

It was a Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma who developed the Chi Kung from Tibetan Yoga. A legend saids that this monk has crossed the border with China and in his trip went through the temple of Shaolin, there he mets many monks who had serious health problems and who spent many hours meditating and that made his muscles and joints much weakened. Bodhidharma, who has the nickname of the Ta Mo, seeing this scene, decided to help the monks and developed a system of Chi Kung called The 18 Buddhas change tendons and taught it to the monks. These, soon after practicing this system began to regain their health. After this, Ta Mo was devoted to the development and dissemination of Chi Kung.

Bodidharma was a Buddhist monk, connoisseur of Yoga, from which developed a series of exercises that eventually become what today we call Chi Kung.



If we work on Tai Chi Chuan, previously we have to do a job of Chi Kung. That is, with Chi Kung do a general physical and energy release and accumulate energy. In Tai Chi you do is move the energy . Therefore, if we are not minimally unlocked and energized there is not much energy to move and can not flow properly. Both Tai Chi and Chi Kung must help us to find our inner silence , and indeed , if we fail to achieve inner silence , energy is not truly become manifest . For this reason it is essential to combine these two arts with meditation.

There are many Qigong practices , they can not only lead to a healthier life, but also to awaken dormant faculties in us. To experience increased energy gradually , some areas were aand body will awaken dormant . Also thanks to Chi Kung , work what is known as Alchemy of thought, ie the transformation of the lower vibrational energies in high frequency energy . This includes negative emotions and thoughts . Therefore, Chi Kung is a tool for personal growth.

In summary, Chi Kung or Qigong is a technique working with energy extremely simple but extremely effective. Easy to learn, but requires consistency in its application. It is very compatible with other practices either martial arts, meditation, Reiki, Yoga, etc. . I highly recommend this practice to those working with Reiki, as will increased its power and effectiveness to combine these two practices. Indeed Chi Kung means work with energy and Reiki is just that, working with energy. Moreover, Chi Kung practitioners who have been working a few years to consciousness achieve to connect with the energy of Love and channel as a Reiki practitioner. Except that when the Chi Kung practitioner can channel energy into the other, is when he have already done a real work of self-healing, personal growth and a significant increase in energy capacity. The Reiki practitioner, however , from the time it is started, can transmits energy to other people but has a long way to go inside. In some circles Reiki is called " Qigong of lazys", now you will understand why.

Today we are fortunate to have at our disposal numerous techniques, many of them ancient, allowing us to grow internally and heal at different levels. Many teachers have been perfecting these techniques from generation to generation until they have reached us. In addition we are fortunate to learn several of them at once, as they are not incompatible, but blend perfectly. This is the case of Reiki and Qigong.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.