The Yin Yang

Yin Yang theory was developed within Traditional Chinese Medicine dating back 5,000 years BC. It is attributed to the called Emperor White who supposedly wrote the I Ching or Book of Changes where is it described for first time the Yin Yang concepts. The Yin Yang helps us to understand the nature, not to dominate it, let us to understand the endless flow of energy between opposing elements. Thus we learn what is the balance and we can apply it to medicine, in our day, to martial practice, etc..

In the Book of Tao or Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu tells us that the Tao give birht to the One (the Wu Chi or empty), the One give birth to the Two (Yin and Yang), the Two give birth to the Three (body, mind, spirit), the Three give bierth to the Five, the five elements (fire, earth, metal, wood and water) and these spawned the rest of creation.


This is the symbol that represents the Wu Chi. At first there was just nothing, which was called Wu Chi or Tao. It was the absolute emptiness, not-there being, beyond all human comprehension. But yet available and present at all. The Wu-Chi is the space that allows things to be, is the silence that allows the sound there.



Wu Chi gave birth to the Being who was called Yu. Thus appeared the duality, the Yin Yang. Two different aspects of the same energy, opposites but complementary, different but united, inseparable and necessary. Two aspects of primigenea Energy or Universal Energy. These two energies are continuously on movement, in continuous interaction, so that the Yin becomes Yang and Yang becomes Yin. The Yin Yang symbol is known worldwide and is already a healing symbol in itself , balancing and brings hidden a profound teaching.

The Yin Yang teaches us that everything is subject to change. Energy moves from one side to another in the form of spirals and everything changes. This can be clearly seen in nature. Animals that die in the woods end up transforming into food for the plants, which in turn produce fruits eaten by animals. When a star collapses and explodes, the dust from his destruction and the destruction of planets that might accompany it, it is floating in space. After thousands of years this stardus will return to grouped together with other stars to densify and finally forming another star and new planets. And so on. Life is change and we have to learn not to resist this change. When we resist the inevitable is when we suffer. A situation however good or bad it is, will transform and change, cease to exist as such it was. My physical body, how beautiful or ugly it is, one day cease to exist and be transformed. Taking these things can be a trauma or can be profoundly liberating and a source of peace. 

You can tell that things are according to Yin or Yang that compare, and also vary depending on the point of view being compared. Below you can see a few examples of the division in Yin Yang. 

Take down


Traditional Chinese Medicine applies this concept to their therapies. Seeking the Yin organs and Yang organs, finding out the imbalances and compensating. Also, martial arts like Tai Chi Chuan also work on this principle. For example, the Chen style Taichi combines soft and relaxed movements with sudden movements and explosions of Chi. This concept can apply to many things such as food, sexuality, sports, business, relationships, or life itself.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.