The Kidneys

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys store the energy of life, and they say, when this energy finish is just we die. This exercise is to store energy in the kidneys. To perform this exercise take standing position, with your knees a tad bent, back straight, head aligned with the spine and put your chin down slightly to stretch the neck. Place your hands on the back, one hand on top of each kidney. Imagine how to inspire, through your hands, you send energy to the kidneys. Energy creates an energy wrapping around the kidney and it become greater. And when you exhale, kidney returns to its size and absorbs this energy nourishing.

Make this game as many times as you want. When we took a while making this game, we will imagine a symbol of Yin Yang between the kidneys. Visualize how this symbol starts to spin and as it turns is gathering power and taking a to kidney to the other and vice versa. In this way we ensure that the power is properly distributed between the two kidneys. This exercise is ideal for battery charge us and give us strength. It is not recommended to do it at night because it can cause insomnia.

Put the hands on kindneys

Send energy to kindneys

Things you need to know about kindneys

The kidneys are organs that are principally engaged in accumulating energy. Stored prenatal ki (inherited from parents) and postnatal ki coming from food and the air we breathe, the latter type that ends storing ki we have not used for the needs of our body. Kidney Ki is used in the reproduction process and also allows the different stages of growth of the body. The kidney Ki is also associated with the production of blood, bones, the immune system, spinal cord, with the hair of the head, teeth and ears. It also relates to the willpower and fear. Pay careful attention to this energy, since then processed in Ki or Vital Energy.

Generally have a weak kidney energy involves: having mood swings, boredom, lack of zest for life, fearful spirit, shyness, introversion, weak sexual desire that can become transformed into impotence, frigidity and sterility, premature appearance of white or too weak hair that breaks easily, decayed teeth or moving teeth, mental tiredness, lower back pains, depression, bone problems and weak knees, deafness, micturition disorder, disorders in production of blood, premature aging, etc. .

Conversely, if we have a strong kidney energy, we will be more willing, creative, with a strongest sexual energy, clearer and active mind, we will have strong bones, plenty of blood, etc. .

Some of the main causes of having a weak kidney energy are: overwork, lack of sleep or rest, stress, consumption of cigarettes, drugs (especially marijuana), alcohol, stimulants such as coffee energy drinks, very frequent ejaculations, poor diet , unbalanced emotional states, some other organ disease, etc. .

To strengthen the kidney energy we can do energy exercises like Tai Chi or Chi Kung, practice meditation, rest properly, apply Reiki in kidneys regularly, have a sexual practice adequated to our energy capacity, no drugs, etc. .

Article written by Miquel Vidal.