The Eight Jewells - Ba Duan Jin

The eight jewels are a series of Chi Kung exercises that stand out for its simplicity and for being extremely beneficial to health. This series is also known by the name of The Eight Silk Brocades or Ba Duan Jin. They can serve us warming before other practices such as Taichi, but in themselves are a great exercise, both physical and mental and emotional level. There are different versions of the 8 jewels, all of them valid and effective.

This series is derived from other knowed as "movements to strengthen muscles and tendons", created by a Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma. But Fei Yen was the general who compiled the series in 8 moves and updated, giving rise to what we know today as the 8 jewels. Initially these exercises were intended to heal and strengthen the bodies of the monks of Shaolin. But their effectiveness was such that Yen General used them to strengthen their soldiers.

This series of exercises initially is intended to strengthen the physical body, which is strange, since it is a very simple series that just requires muscular effort. But the truth is, one who is committed to his practice, and practice jewels 15 minutes a day will get a great physical improvement. Besides the physical part, the Jewels do important work on an energetic level. Mainly unblock meridians and release the bodies of the lower vibrational energies that can be hooked. Specifically working with the 12 main meridians and the 5 most important organs of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tips for the implementation of the Jewels

Relaxation and inner silence is needed for good practice. It is very important to work relaxed. Doing the exercises see yourself inside and find areas you may have on stress. Put your attention on the area in question and breathing out relaxes. To find the inner silence will use the mechanism of attention. I mean, if I'm fully concentrated in the exercise I do, the mind quiets, the stream of thoughts is interrupted. Pay attention to your body, the movement, the palms of the hands and feet as it is indicated in each exercise. When you detect that you are thinking about other things gently turn your attention to exercise. Eventually you will come to refine both the external aspect of the work as internal.

These exercises can be combined with the use of Healing Sounds. In some of the exercises you will see indicated the rightful Sound Healing. To use them, simply pronounce in last exhalation. Keep the idea of ​​the pressure cooker to release the air. Similarly the Healing Sounds works. The idea of ​​a balloon deflating also can be useful.


Two hands to heaven to armonize the Triple Heater

To perform this exercise, we will stand with legs apart, in line with our shoulders. Will gather our hands crossing them in front of the Middle Tantien, ie, about 3 fingers below the navel. Inspiring, put our hands above the head, at this time we can put on tip toes to stretch. Then undo the crossing hands and down it by the sides. We repeat the exercise at least 9 times. 

Keep your mind in practice. Pay attention to movements and especially the palms of your hands. Mark well the four parts of respiration: take breath in, pause, take breath out, pause.


Healing Sound: HHIII

Benefits: This exercise helps to regulate the Triple Heater meridian, which among other things regulates body temperature. It also promotes the exchange of energy between the three Tantiens. Physically produce beneficial effects on the eyes, face, ears and respiratory functions. It also acts on the internal organs, especially on the kidneys and the reproductive system.

To move the fundaments put out the fire of the heart

To perform this exercise, we will stand by performing what is commonly called the horse stance, ie, with legs pretty apart, as if we were on a horse. We will put hands on our waist and making a turn at the waist with the body we will do the next game with breathing:

  1. As you take breath in you make a small circle back.

  2. On the take breath out you do the circle going forward to get your knees with the body. So you press the diaphragm to release the air.

Repeat this exercise at least three times in each direction.



Healing Sound: HHAAA

Benefits: This exercise produces beneficial effects on digestion and blood circulation. It prevents and cures diseases of the heart and blood pressure. It is also effective for problems such as anxiety, agitation, anguish, irritability, insomnia, palpitations, tachycardia, sweating and heat in hands and feet, intermittent hot flashes thirsty and bad tast.


Stretching a hand to the sky and other over the ground to harmonize the spleen and stomach

To perform this exercise, we will stand with legs apart and aligned with our shoulders. Put your hands up to the middle Tantien, one in front of the other. We started on the left side so that the left hand has the palm up and the right down. We take breath in, inspire and climb the left hand to heaven and right to the ground, as if we strech oursel. On the exhale, hands back to the starting position, but this time the right is looking up. Again the right side. You need to mark right breathing times. When we are stretched, one hand to the sky and other over the ground, we do a little twist to produce more lift. Lowering the hand up to the sky at the height of Tantien follow the line of the Central Channel.


Healing Sound: JJOOO

Benefits: This exercise harmonizes the spleen, which is a Yin organ, the stomach, which is the complementary Yang entails. This exercise is effective in combating and preventing hypertension, congestion, digestive disorders, constipation, poor blood circulation, hiccup, dyspepsia, indigestion, diarrhea, prolapse, hemorrhoids and bleeding.

Open arch to the right and at left to pull to the hawk

For this exercise we stand up and do the horse stance. We put our hands in front of chest at the Heart Chakra. First the left and right inside out. We inspire and turning a little waist movement we draw the bow. The hand holding the bow has to be thumb and index finger open like making a L. The hand that it is holding the bowstring, must have the thumb and index finger touching, like making a 6. The look has to be placed on the hypothetical target. On the take breath out, hands back to the starting position, but this time right hand going inside. Repeat the exercise on the other side.



Healing Sound: SSSSS

Benefits: strengthens the muscles and tendons of the shoulder and arms, and increases lung capacity. Stretching the meridians of lung and large intestine. Overall this exercise improves breathing and blood circulation. It also tones the kidneys and stimulates the Dai Mai canal passing through the back. It is indicated for the treatment and prevention of constipation, fatigue, urinary incontinence, excessive sensitivity to cold, frigidity, lack of sexual desire, lumbago and rheumatism, and prevents the hernia.

Precautions: hypertensive people taking breath out has to bring attention to the soles of the feet, imagining excess Chi leaves and discharged on Earth.


Take down the body and tightens his fist with angry eye

To perform this exercise, we can stand in a natural position, ie feet in line with your shoulders. We will place both hands on back waist. By inspiring take the left hand forward and close the fist. Holding our breath, make tense all body muscles, gritting teeth and closing our eyes. Releasing the air, back fist to the waist and relax the whole body. Repeat with the other arm.


Healing Sound: SSHHH

Benefits: This exercise improves vision, increases the Chi, strengthens the body's metabolism, stimulates the liver meridian, relieves the liver and gallbladder tensions, strengthens muscles, stimulates the cerebral cortex and the autonomic nervous system.


Put your hands on the floor and hold your feet 

To perform this exercise, we'll stand in basic position, ie, with legs up to our shoulders. We inspire and raise some the hands, exhale and down to the feet. We hold the toes, inspire and stretch the legs. Release the air by relaxing the legs. We have to imagine that we take the earth energy, taking breath in and climbed stroking the inside of the legs and up the energy. We take hands and energy to kidneys, and take breath out back slightly.




Healing Sound: CHUIII

Benefits: Stretches the muscles of the waist and lower back. Strengthens Du Mai meridian and kidneys. Prevents lumbago. Promotes the flow of energy along the spine. Regulates the central nervous system. Improves quality of sleep, memory and concentration.

Precautions: arteriosclerosis or hypertensive people must raise his head when tilted forward and not too prolonged the exercise. This exercise loads kidney energy, gives us great vitality, so if we practiced at night, many times, it can produce insomnia.


To see move away the 5 diseases and the 7 passions

To perform this exercise , we will stand in a natural position  Inspire to breathe normally and taking breath out start moving the eyes to the left, then the neck, left shoulder and waist. We will have a little break and inspire by this route in reverse, ie, returning to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.


Benefits: This exercise strengthens the muscles of the neck, chest and lungs, prevents respiratory diseases. Help downloading harmful energy we can get to the Earth. Stimulates the medulla, nervous system and tones the eye muscles. It is an exercise especially suitable for people with hypertension because it prevents apoplexy seizures. 


Bounce seven times in the toes 

To perform this exercise, we can stand with feet together or in a natural position. Trying to keep the toes glued to the ground we bounce seven times. Making the seventh time a more prominent and powerful rebound, but trying not to lift your feet off the ground. It is ideal to finish 8 Jewels performing this exercise. 

Benefits: This exercise strengthens the nervous system and activates circulation. It also distributes the energy throughout the body and acts on the 12 main meridians.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.