Tai Chi Styles

Currently there are several styles of Tai Chi Chuan, all born of the Chen style, developed by the Chen family. The Chen family lived in a village in Chenjiakou in the province of Henan. His lineage of teachers is headed by a farmer named Chen Bu. After this character came another master, Chen WangTing, who already used the term Tai Chi Chuan. From this style developed by this Chinese family born other styles. Basically the main, ie, the most widely practiced in the world and styles are:

  • The Chen Style. Born with the Chen family and is the first known style of Tai Chi Chuan. It is characterized by vigorous and gentle movements that, in its circular path, sometimes culminate in authentic explosions of Chi. This style can be a little harder to learn for beginners as it has more complexity than other styles, so practice requires some previous training in other style of Tai Chi or a Chi Kung practice-oriented from style of Chen like Chang Ssu Ching.
  • The Yang Style. This style comes from the hand of a master named Yang Lu Chang, who after being trained in the Chen style introduced some changes thus developing the Yang style. However it was his grandson, Yang Cheng Fu, who updated and modernized the system of his grandfather, giving a more therapeutic and less martial aspect. Characterized by soft, slow and continuous movements, using large natural postures. Today this style is the most widespread in the world. It is a good style to enter in the world of Tai Chi. In particular the form of 13 movements of this style is an ideal introduction to the world of Tai Chi.

Photography of the Fourth Anniversary of the Chih Jou Association of Taichi chuan, 1929. 

With Yang Cheng Fu, Yang Shao Hou, Sun Lu Tang, Wu Chien Chuan, Tung Ying Chieh and Chen Wei Ming

  • The Wu Style. This style is second in popularity after the Yang style. In fact derived from the Yang style, as the teacher who developed, Wu Jian Quan learns Tai Chi directly from Yang Lu Chang and then added some amendments creating the Wu style. This style is characterized by using flexible movements and moderate positions.
  • The Sun Style. It has great mobility but apparently lacks roots. This style was developed by the famous martial artist Sun Lu Tang, also known as Sun Fu Quan. It contains the essence of their experiences and techniques derived from the martial arts, and was famous for his teachings of other internal styles such as Pa Kua and Hsing -I that he learns from famous masters. In his later years he taughts only Tai Chi. This style is characterized by fast-moving with great feet action.
These are the main styles of Tai Chi Chuan, however there are other styles like Hao, Wu Dang, etc . Even within the Chen style have appeared different branches or sub-styles such as Zhaobao Style and Hunyuan Style.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.