Cleaning with Chi Ball

This exercise is very simple physically, but requires a little bit of our ability to visualize. Before you start making this exercise it is convenient to relax a bit doing some conscious breaths. It is also good to do a little mental journey through the body, search and find those areas that hurt or wich we feel any discomfort, itching, etc.. On an emotional level, we can do the same, a small internal review to determine how we feel at this moment, if there is any negative emotion that is disturbing us, etc.. To perform the exercise just follow these simple steps and let yourself go:

1. Relax and watch


2. Bring your hands over your head and put them more or less together. 

3. Inhale and imagine Reiki going out from your hands or just Chi, and forms a ball of energy. 


4. Take breath out, relax and take the ball of Chi.





5. Now take breath out and go slowly lower your arms and imagine as the sphere will also fall. By going through your body the ball drags dirt energy you have, the physical pain, negative emotions, etc.. When you go through the chest area begin to take breath out slowly.  


6. You end up passing the ball all over your body and throw it into the center of the earth. Mother Earth will recycle these energies.





Repeat this process as many times as you like, making it at least 3 times. In each pass ever imagined as you are more brilliant and your inner light shines harder. When finished visualize yourself fully bright. This exercise of purification is ideal to do before making any kind of spiritual or energetic practice. It also helps you to sleep if you do it before going to bed. Like brushing your teeth or showering, you can take this exercise and practice it in your life as a preferred method of personal hygiene. If you practice regularly you will notice the difference.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.