What can I experience in these places?

In my travels to such sites, I have seen the heartfelt experiences change greatly depending on the person, mood and arrangement in which one finds that day, etc.. We can usually feel a very high energy, which fills us with joy and inexplicable sensations at the level of words. 

I always say that in these locations we received the award for our day to day, that is, if you travel to one of these places after having spent a period of constant spiritual practices, made with real success, when we come to one of these sites we can mystical experience true ecstasy. But if you travel to one of these places, without having practiced much, only to look what you feel, it is possibly than the experience will be much milder than in the other case. Although it mostly depends on what we can be open at that time to connect with the energy of the place.

Keep in mind that no matter how beautiful the experience that we have in these places will only be one more experience with beginning and end. And it will only be significant at the time in which we have it, now. But a good experience in one of these places can help us greatly in our spiritual awakening.

The worst enemies of a good experience in these types of places are the expectations and have had strong negative emotions that day. Let me explain, if we have made ​​the idea that we will have a great experience, and if we had it in the past and return to that place with this expectation, our experience will be hard intense with difficulty. This is because we are mentally trying to impose a reality that is only in our head. We are now wanting to be a different way than it is. This, on a spiritual level is a resistance to life , the form of this moment, it is a manifestation of the ego. And this is going to prevent a truly open up whatever will happen, either way, great or not. Not always it has to be spectacular. Sometimes it's just nice, but it is authentic, without the mental rills.


One may enter the pure in heart...

If the day we traveled to one of these places, we had strong negative emotions, such as ange , resentment , etc. our energy field will be brutalized by these emotions and our chakras, especially the heart (as it plays an important role when we travel to such places) will be closed and it will be more difficult to have a good experience. So, you have to try to be good the day you know you are going to travel to such places.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.