What are the Sacred Places?

The so-called Holy Places, Places of Power, energy of the earth, telluric currents places, spiritual places, etc.. they are places where one can experience a great energy, a deep connection to Mother Earth, Beings of Light, and higher dimensions with the entire Universe. They are truly special, magical places, where something that is beyond our comprehension is so clear you can almost touch. They are usually places that have attracted men for millennia, and it is not unusual in these places ancient settlements, temples, shrines, churches or any other element that would betray the presence of ancient and modern man.

The Mount Shasta in the north of California is considered a sacred place. Photography by Miquel Vidal.

It is also common for these places have become part of popular mythology, characters and stories are healings, apparitions of Virgin, UFO sightings, legends about fantastic creatures like fairies or elves, etc. . Every culture, with its world conception has tried to give a reason or another to experienced phenomena, felt or seen in these places.

There have been cultures that have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by such sites, and have been used as places of pilgrimage, retreat, asceticism, initiation, enclosed, etc. . These places are complex and can show multifaceted, which is why we find different trends in different cultures, to use such sites.

Today, thanks to the unprecedented increase in consciousness taking place on this planet, more and more people traveling to these places to go deeper in their spiritual journey, in his reunion with his inner deeper.

It is difficult to give an exact definition of these types of places, but we can say that they are points where the Earth connected through channels of light with stars. Many of these places are literally a large channel of light where we can get us, and that maintains the connection between Earth and other stars in the galaxy. The energy ranges for these energy channels it usually has a very high vibration, so much so that at is that in these energy points dimensions are intertwined and we can be easily connected to other experiences much higher.

Monument Valley between Arizona and Utah is a deeper spiritual place. Photography by Miquel Vidal.

These places can also be chakras of the Earth. As human beings have their energy body and chakra system, Mother Earth also has his own. And these points there is avery high and spiritual energy. I have found, throughout my travels to such places, there are places where energy is highly concentrated at one point, in a channel of light, your walk in it and you can clearly perceive the energy, but outside that channel, around it is perceived in a weaker form.

However, there are other places, they are surely chakras, in which energy exists in a more expanded way. We can also find light channels, but the emanation of energy occupies kilometers, and long before the most intense and powerful energy that we notice is there.

If you've ever been in the presence of an authentic enlightened teacher, you have been found to experience that this energy level is very similar to a chakra point on Earth. An expansion energy of several kilometers which would be the aura of the person or Buddha, and in the center an incredible outpouring of energy from a high frequency vibration. As we approach into the place where the Teacher is, the energy gradually becomes more and higher. It is simply an amazing experience , where you stay truly amazed at the energy that can reach emanate a person.


Article written by Miquel Vidal.