Types of sacred places

We can distinguish three types of sacred or spiritual sites, there may be more, but for now I will organize that way. There is also its opposite face. We will see their main characteristics. 


Channels of Light 

This are points where the energy are highly concentrated in one place, forming a channel of light where telluric energy currents up to the stars and back. These points are usually readily apparent to those who do not yet have high sensitivity to energy. Since being all energy concentrated at one point, its impact upon entering the channel is clear. Light channels can vary in size, some are very small, two feet in diameter, and others may have a diameter of several meters. There are nice forest where we can breathe a pleasant energy and we can find small trickles of telluric energy circulating.

In Europe many of these light channels are within chapels or churches.
La Fontcalda. Photography by Miquel Vidal.

There is truly magical place , where the entire environment in which they find it is very beautiful and you can clearly see that something magical and special happens there. In these places you usually find a more powerful light channel and may other secundaries, or other energy, such as luminous spheres flying at night. Using infrared video cameras, we can see many of the manifestations of energy which are not seen with the naked eye. With digital cameras flash photo we see the appearance of orbs (see section Orbs).


Earth Chakras

These points are true chakras of the Earth and can be found in them an extraordinary outpouring of energy that spans several miles. Tend to be concentrated at a point, this point is often usually a mountain, a lake or a plain, a distinct place with a unique and magical beauty. They are places where mystery reigns, where we experience a deep sense of reverence for all that exist . The energy found in these sites is very high. People are not still very sensitive to energy may have difficulty perceiving or connect in these places, because as it is not a so expanded energy sometimes is not so obvious.

Mount Shasta is considered the First Chakra or Base Chakra of Earth.  Photography by Miquel Vidal.

It also happens that when we took some time in these places, more than a day, we used to feel the energy and no longer perceive it with such intensity. It is highly recommended to spend several days in such sites, sleeping and making them work in meditation, contact with Earth and stars, reading spiritual books, making energy exercises, etc. . The nights are usually special, you can have very intense and revealing dreams, astral travel and other experiences.


Places of Silence

There are few places on Earth where a nice energy is perceived, but never to match the characteristics of the above two types, especially in a silence that it is perceived. A silence, deep, unfathomable. Places where we can clearly feel the unity of the universe, of all its parts through this stillness, this silence. Realizing and observe this silence that it is out, we are creating within us an equally unfathomable silence, which opens a new dimension of depth to our interior, and in which we can realize that the silence outside is the same as inside, everything is in harmony when in contact with this silence, all is well, all is at peace. We have found inner peace.

Monument Valley in the United States is a place with a deep spiritual silence. Photography by Miquel Vidal.


They are ideal places to go alone, to merge in meditation with silence and stillness reign into them. Places to experience The Thing that animates everything, the unnamable. Such places can teach us to experience all these things, and not only experience them in such places, but anywhere.

Enchanted places or with not recommended energy 

As is the case with all things of this world, there are not only places where there a very high energy, but also places where prevailing low vibrational energies, the dark side becomes more apparent using the analogy of Star Wars. These places are often ancient theaters of war, where many souls have been trapped in this place because of the intense suffering they have experienced at one time. They can also be places where they have lived for years very evil people, who have worshiped at the low vibration energy, etc. .

They are mysterious places, where something strange perishes observes you . The energy in these places can be very dense, even in forests. As you walk you feel like breaking energy cobwebs, that wear yourself out, they are slowing down your way and let you get more and more in a somber mood. They are places that awaken and nourish our fear, places that will push us to deeper states of unconsciousness. As much as I have been told that this is a energetic place, if when you get experience any of these sensations salt of there. Should avoid entering such places.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.