When I made a spiritual journey and I made pictures in those magical places, it usually occurred strange balls, almost ghostly, a kind of energy balls. There are people who claim that these balls are but specks of dust reflecting the flash of the camera. But the truth is that this explanation falls a bit short in many cases. I made pictures in many different environments, sometimes I made pictures with few seconds of interval and in the first picture have appeared amount of orbs and in the second not one. The environmental conditions of dust, etc. . were exactly the same.

I do not know what they really are, I guess some kind of authority or power demonstration. By extending these orbs faces often appear in them, sometimes symbols, concentric circles and other shapes. I do not know if the powder can do these things. Anyway they are there, and they will not only appear in energetic places today are visible in many places. But in the spiritual places appear in large numbers , sometimes impressively.

Let's see some examples:

Article written by Miquel Vidal.