How should I travel to these places?

As is logical to assume this kind of places has to be visited with the utmost respect and reverence. It is not a bad idea to make a small prayer before entering them, asking for permission and help to the place and the beings that inhabit it. Externally, leave these places as we have found, or better. While in them traces of the supposed human "civilization". Maintaining balance and harmony that nature created over millions of years of evolution.

Earth has truly magical places. Photography by Miquel Vidal.

Internally, the highest sign of respect, and deepening connection with these places is silence. It should be clear that not only go there to "suck" the energy, with the mentality of "disposable" . These sites have not only been created to meet the man who has the right to do whatever they want with them. Some of these places existed for thousands of years, even millions of years before the appearance of man, their religion, culture, etc. . These places develop functions in a multiple existential levels, not just for men. At our level they are teachers, headlamps, they are reminders of where we come from and who we are in the depths of our being. We are one with them, and what we do to these places, we are doing to ourselves.

So we must show the utmost respect whenever we travel to these places , and also show respect to other travelers we can meet there. Quite possibly we will find people meditating or quietly . Especially when we go in group seeks assure respect and silence.

On a personal level, it is advisable to do some preparation before traveling to a spiritual place. It is recommended that a few days ago, even weeks, do a little cleansing program both physically as energy and spiritual work daily meditation. One thing we can experience in these sites is a deep energetic cleansing. But you have to think that others will come behind us, so if we as purified as possible, traces of crap energy that leave behind us will be less. This last point is especially important when we need to go into a building to access at the energy point itself.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.