The Prism

A prism is a instrument that splits light into different basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. When we see a rainbow after the rain we are seeing the same effect that causes the prism, but in this case the effect is caused by water droplets, which divide the sunlight into different colors. Believe it or not this instrument has very interesting applications to energy level. With it we can see the predominant colors in the aura of a person and even get to see his chakras. A prism can become a powerful diagnostic tool in the hands of an experienced person.

Get a prism can be a little difficult, you may need to remove heaven and earth. I was fortunate to participate in a course on applications of the prism and in that course we were provided one on each one of the attendees. This method of diagnosis is little known, and being hard to get also makes things difficult. Anyway I will try to give some hints about the prism and its uses.


How is it used?

Once we have achieved a prism, the first thing we have to learn it is to put properly to look through it. In the picture you can see the correct position for viewing with the prism. You must keep in mind that you have to look at the down side, not above, the results will be different. And beginners level we are interested only to look face down.

Looking through the prism we have to relax and blur the look. After a first glance we see some colors associated with different body parts. What we see at first glance is not what is actually getting really see we need to look from a meditative state, ie, with inner silence. When we look well, the colors change and the true colors manifests. Thus we can detect problem areas.

You have to grab the prism with three fingers and looking through its face down.

For example, if we see the re color near the first chakra is a good sign, as it is the color that first chakra vibrates. But if we see it in the throat it means that there is a blockage, ideally in the throat we saw a bluish color. 

Keep in mind that we have to be back to the light, that is, the colors are going to see is the reflection of light on a particular area. Depending on the energy characteristics of the area the resulting light will be of one color or another. This instrument requires at least one year of practice to master it completely, because you have to learn to look thoughtfully and interpret what we see, which is usually the most difficult. For this much practice is necessary.

We can see a normal photograph and one taken through the prism. Although not seen very well, looking through the prism objects reflect different colors.

In summary

In my experience I can confirm that the prism is a powerful tool for energy diagnosis. It also stimulates the 6th Chakra a lot and produces a therapeutic effect everyone who uses it. This is due to the colors and meditation we do observe when using the prism. I know the case of a woman who became so proficient with prism that she was able to detect if a person was lying or telling the truth. In his 10 year old son did not do any favor to his mother acquire that skill.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.