Spiritual films

Here we relate a series of films about spiritual and energy issues. Today this is a film genre in which booming sure we will see new and interesting films appear. These are the movies currently recommend.



The Peaceful Warrior


This is probably one of the best films that deal with spirituality in a clear and accessible way for anyone. The film chronicles the experiences of a boy who meets a spiritual master and how it changed his life. The boy will experience how the spiritual teachings may be useful in their work and in their personal lives. Great movie and highly recommended.

The Shift

A beautiful film with the valuable spiritual lessons of Wayne W. Dyer. I love this film because Wayne Dyer opens his heart to us and explains his difficulties on the path to spiritual evolution. 

Bright Minds


This film is a compilation of interviews of different spiritual teachers and healers from around the world. Through this film we can make an interesting exercise to see if we can distinguish an authentic teacher of a charlatan. Let your heart guide you and do not let reason and feelings will grow dim.

The Celestine Prophecy 
This is the film adaptation of which is now a classic and has the same name as the movie. The film is especially entertaining to watch and highlight special effects that illustrate the behavior of the subtle energies.


Conversations with God


This film is based on the story of a man who wrote a letter to God to complain about their problems and God answered him. From there their conversations become three inspiring books that have had global impact. This film tells the story of how they came about those three books and the difficulties Neal Donald Walsh happened.

What the Bleep Do we know!?

What you know? It is a film that has captivated many people explaining in a simple way and with some varied examples of the great spiritual issues. It's a very well done film that can serve to you to introduce beginning to start on these issues or to delve into some issues.

What the Bleep! Down the rabbit hole

Continued What you know? Following the same line as the first delving further into some of the issues. If you have proved the first part interesting it certainly will not disappoint your expectations.



This documentary shows some of the everyday scenes of this great contemporary spiritual teacher who is Amma. Amma, a few months a year traveling around the world doing some sessions where she practice meditation, Vedic chanting and Darshan hug that simply is it to embrace all those who wish it.


Within the framework of Tibetan Buddhism takes the story of this young aspiring lama and his spiritual journey. We remember at some points the story of the Buddha himself with an original and different view. Buddha left home, leaving his wife and son to carry out his spiritual quest. But what happened to his wife? Did you take out his own search? Also noteworthy is its soundtrack.

The Secret


Interesting film that reveals some of the secrets of the great men of History. Especially aimed at understanding how thought can be creative in our lives and how through it we can attract what we want.


Article written by Miquel Vidal.