Relaxation music

Here you will find a list of music CDs that we recommend to use in Reiki sessions, in meditation or just for relaxing. We havee been using it for different purposes and always with good results.



Title: Embrace

Author: Deva Premal

Commentary: Wonderful group of chanting mantras, Deva Premal with Miten fill your soul of peace through his music. Pure magic.

Title: A deeper light

Author: Deva Premal

CommentaryAnother CD with pretty beautifuls songs by Deva Premal & Miten with Manose.

Title: The Lama's Chants

Author: Lama Gyurme & Jean-Philippe Rykiel

CoommentaryExcellent cd for meditation. With Buddhist chants, mantras, etc.. A vibrational experience.

Title: Sastang

Author: Deva Premal & Miten

CommentaryLive album for this special couple. I had the opportunity to see them live and it was very beautiful. The energy of love flooded us all, let them also come to you.

Title: Songs Of The Inner Love

Author: Deva Premal & Miten

CommentaryMiten, Fleetwood Mac's ex-guitarist, presents here a very personal work. With mantras and English songs that make you regain faith in humanity. Do not miss this very special song:"So Much Magnificence".


Title: The Esssence

Author: Deva Premal & Miten

CommentaryMantras disc. If you like to meditate with mantras or use Indian type music for your yoga sessions, you will love this album. Good mantras sung with very sweet melodies.

Title: Land Of Forever

Author: 2002

CommentaryCD of relaxation with piano music very smooth and linear. Ideal to have background in Reiki therapy.


Title: Reiki Music Vol. 1

Author: Anand Ajad

Commentary: Anand Ajad is the author of a number of CDs for Reiki that have already become classics in alternative therapies.

Title: Reiki Music Vol. 2

Author: Anand Ajad

CommentaryAnother installment of the series. Highly recommended and a classic at disco Reiki teachers.

Title: Reiki Music Vol. 3

Author: Anand Ajad

CommentaryNext volume in the series, this time includes dolphin sounds.

Title: Reiki Music Vol. 4

Author: Anand Ajad

Comentario: Another delivery more highly recommended. Music for the angels and love.

Title: Dakshina

Author: Deva Premal

CommentaryWonderful album of mantras. In line with the above but with a Hindu touch, delightful. Again Deva Premal and Miten manage to take you to heaven. Thank you friends.

Title: Niagara Falls

Author: Dan Gibson

CommentaryDan Gibson is a man who is dedicated to travel to natural places and capture sights and sounds of these points. After he adds music to these sounds and shows a disc. Very interesting work, ideal for relaxation and Reiki.

Title: Rain of Blessings (Vajra chants)

Author: Lama Gyurme & Jean-Philippe Rykiel

Comentario: In line with their previous album. Very good.

Title: Angel's Embrace

Author: Dan Gibson

CommentaryAnother album of Mr. Dan Gibson. Great for meditating, Reiki and relaxation work.

Title: The Elegance Of Pachelbel

Author: Michael Maxwell

CommentaryThe author revisits here the classic Pachelbel Canon. Michael Maxwell gives different views of this piece in a soft, relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

Title: Classical Romance

Author: Dan Gibson

CommentaryThis time Dan Gibson revisits several classics like Moonlight of Debussy, giving an atmosphere of nature sounds.

Title: Reiki Wellness

Author: Kamal

CommentaryA good relaxation CD that combines electronic sounds with sounds of nature. Recommended for relaxation practices.

Title: Yoga

Author: Dan Gibson

CommentaryDefinitely one of the most inspired work of Dan Gibson, a soft music ideal for the background of a visualization. Let the music flood and the images show up easily.

Title: Sky Kisses Earth

Author: Prem Joshua

CommentaryExcellent album of this musician. Ideal for meditation and especially for those of you who accustom to sleep, as it is a CD with rhythm.

Title: Yoga Harmony

Author: Terry Oldfield

CommentaryThe flautist Terry Oldfield has delivered an album full of mysticism and good vibrations. Get his flute you go entering silencing your mind. Just listen.

Title: Tibetan Meditation

Author: Phil Thorton

CommentaryThis musician proposes a Tibetan meditation sounds like bowls, trumpets and other vibrational instruments, combined with keyboards and digital sounds.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.