How to incorporate vegetables to our daily diet 

As we have been seeing throughout this article eating vegetables is not a choice but a necessity for our healthy and balanced diet.

Is it Summer Yet? Spicy Mexican Chopped Salad with Crab. Photography by B2. Creative Commons Licence

There is such a variety of vegetables with different flavors, textures, shapes and combining cooking and is really easy to incorporate them into our diet. A lack of time, we have to plan better our purchase and weekly menu to enjoy on our main meals or even for a snack (a carrot between hours refreshes us and takes away the desire to eat other foods that do not concern us).

It is very important to always buy fresh vegetables, for example, in the case of lettuce, can buy once a week, wash and dry well and store in the fridge. If it was in good condition when we bought it can perfectly preserve all week and so when we need it is easier to prepare for is almost ready. 

Furthermore, we must adapt our menus to seasonal vegetables, they are those who provide us with the kind of energy and nutrients that interest us in every time of year, and whenever possible try to buy vegetables at a local farmer and if there are organic vegetables better yet. If you have some time and space however small we also can cultivate ourselves some of our vegetables (one tomatoes plant, peppers, various lettuces, some onions, can be grown in pots on a small terrace or even a balcony where touch the sun). This will be beneficial to our health and enrich us in touch with nature, and if we have children it will be a very educational experience for them.

Vegetable Stand. Photography by comprock. Creative Commons Licence

Article written by Shauri.