Undoubtedly, today's Tea has become one of the most popular beverages worldwide. Take tea is a treat for the senses and a medicine for the body. Today we can find many different types of tea. This article is a short introductory guide to this fascinating world, possibly not suitable for purists. We have to start for the first.

Tea plantation. Photography of Tornado Twister with Creative Commons license.

Origins of Tea

Tea is an infusion made ​​from the leaves and buds of the tea plant. The first human who used these leaves were the Chinese, in whose country we find an ancient tradition about tea. There is evidence of the use of tea in China dated to 2500 BC. Tea came to Europe through India by Portuguese explorers around the year 1600 BC. It was in England where tea came to reach its height of popularity, being taken by all strata of society, from the Queen to the miner.

In China they have different ways of pronouncing this word depending on the dialect, the two most popular forms are those that have been adopted in the rest of the world. These forms are "Tea" and "Cha", the first former has been adopted mainly in western countries, the second in the Arab countries. As the tea has being a popular beverage for centuries, in every country they have developed their own customs and ways of preparing tea.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.