How to incorporate the seeds into our daily diet

As we have seen, it is very nutritious eating seeds, and it is as easy as thinking of add them in a soup or in a salad that will give them a special touch, a colorful and a different taste, giving variety to our everyday dishes.

It is important eaten raw and if we roast them we have to do it very little to avoid losing their magnificent properties.

Its use in everyday cooking is widespread among people who follow a vegetarian diet.

Sesame seed crackers. Photography by effreyw.  Creative Commons Licence

We should also keep in mind that seeds should be chewed well so they will be well digested in our body so they feel us well and we can assimilate all its nutritional properties, if necessary for proper chewing can be soaked to soften before consumption. 

As a highly concentrated food should not eat too much, as in the case of nuts, a daily handful can suffice. 

If we need to store for a while before consumption, it is always better to keep them in the shell, as it is their natural protection, and so ensure that they stay in the best condition for the maximum time possible.

Sunday supper. Photography by Peterp. Creative Commons Licence.

Article written by Shauri.