In this section we will talk about the nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts ...) and dried fruits (prunes, raisins ...) than we often forget in our daily diet and give us so many nutritional properties.

Red Squirrel. Photography by Gilles Gonthier. Creative Commons Licence


Properties of nuts

Nuts are a great source of energy because they provide minerals, vitamins and proteins, for all its qualities they are an excellent component in all diets, but especially in the vegetarian diet and the diet of children and convalescents.

In general we can say that nuts have a high concentration of energy, they are very calorific, so we must take them in moderation. Having a satiating effect, it is good to take them between meals to avoid eating empty foods and nutrients that are not so good for our health.

Nuts. Photography by lain Buchanan. Creative Commons Licence

In the article 13 varieties of dried fruit for a healthy lifestyle you can find the most common nuts in the diet and its main features and properties.

Article written by Shauri.