How to incorporate nuts into our daily diet

As mentioned in other articles, it is not desirable to change our usual diet drastically, so if we want to take the many qualities that provide nuts for our health, we will be incorporating them into our diet gradually.

Whole walnu tkernel and shell. Photo by DJ Noddy. Creative Commons Licence.

We can start by eating a handful of nuts as a snack when we feel we need an input of energy and usually would take a coffee or some kind of bakery products, this is the time to eat nuts. There must not be many, a handful at what fits in your hand well closing. We will see that they provide energy and quench our hunger and thereafter we begin to enjoy the benefit involved in such supply of nutrients and have avoided any unhealthy food.

We can also think of them for inclusion in some dishes: nuts, raisins, dates and plums can be especially interesting flavors to give variety to a salad

In some vegetable dishes such as chickpeas some chopped hazelnuts give a special touch and also get a much more nutritionally complete meal. The traditional cuisine also included in many dishes such as spinach with pine nuts and raisins. 

Half rigatoni with pumpkin drytomatoes and cashewnuts. Photography by LucaNebuloni. Creative Commons Licence.

In pasta dishes is also an interesting option to consider, even if you're not vegetarian, I recommend you look among the many creative vegetarian and vegan recipes as you will find many ideas to incorporate nuts into your daily diet.

Article written by Shauri.